Thinking of making the change to education? If you want to change your program to Early Childhood or Elementary Education, please send an email by pressing the link below. In the email please include your name, student ID number, and the program you wish to change to. To change to Art Education or one the secondary education programs, please reach out to the department of the content and request the change. Example: Art Education will reach out to the art department.

News and Announcements for FMU School of Education Students

  • Ask to be added to The School of Education Student organization in BlackBoard to keep updated with different events, and updates related to the education program. Please email to be added. (This is for education majors/minors only)


  1. Undergraduate application for acceptance into the Professional Education Program (PEP)

  2. Application for Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society: Sigma Sigma Chapter Application 

  3. Praxis Information 

    1. The School of Education Office has posted workshop dates for Praxis Exams. These dates are also emailed to students via the BlackBoard School of Education Student Organization.
  4. Field Experience Information




FMU Student Teaching Deadlines – 

Questions about the student teaching process? Program advisors are the first point of contact for all questions related to the student teaching application/process.

Undergraduate Student Teaching.

Graduate Student Teaching.

Our partner, TeachSC, is a program that provides free support to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a teacher. When you sign up, you get perks like 1-on-1 coaching, up to $100 back in fee reimbursements towards expenses related to applying to our program (including testing and fingerprints), and a chance to win a regional $1,000 scholarship!


To capitalize on the application fee reimbursement, you just have to create a TeachSC account here (I suggest you use the specific checklist links undergraduate/ graduate based on the application being used)  before you apply to Francis Marion University. Once you have subscribed to TeachSC and applied to Francis Marion University, you can submit your application fee reimbursement here and apply for the TeachSC scholarship here!