English Internships

Put Writing Skills Into Practice

With an English internship, you will apply what you’ve learned about writing and communication in real-world settings. Internships require enrollment in ENG 498, along with the completion of 120 work hours.

You must apply for an internship well in advance, so it’s important to plan ahead.


Any English major or minor may apply for an internship. Prerequisites include:

  • An overall GPA of 2.33 or higher
  • A major or minor GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • At least 90 total college credits before the internship starts
Some English internships are paid, but most are not. It depends on the company or organization and the resources available to them. Either way, you will advance your career goals by gaining real-world experience and also earn academic credit by taking ENG 498 while you complete your internship.
Absolutely! If you find your own internship opportunity email Dr. Masters to discuss the position and verify that the work goals are appropriate.
Contact Dr. Masters to apply for an internship. Before you apply, talk with your advisor to make sure that an English internship fits with your plan of study. Stop by her office at Founders Hall 102, call (843) 661-1806, or email cmasters@fmarion.edu.

Generally, applications for Summer and Fall are due by March 15, and applications for Spring are due by October 15. However, you also may apply later by contacting Dr. Masters.

Recently Completed Internships

Since Spring 2022, nine students have embarked on internships through the English department. Professional Writing majors are required to complete an internship as part of their program. However, any qualified English major or minor can complete an internship and earn credit through English 498. Internships build valuable professional experience prior to graduation.

Andrea Bazin completed an English internship supporting the FMU International, McNair, and Honors programs. She is an international student majoring in Business.

Brittany Todd completed two internships during her senior year. She created marketing materials for Care House of the Pee Dee before doing a technical writing internship for ACS Technologies. Brittany earned a BA in English-Professional Writing with a Liberal Arts minor in December 2022.

Daelin Tripp, an English-Liberal Arts major, serves as editor-in-chief for Snow Island Review Literary Journal and also received two semesters of academic credit for her work on the journal. Daelin’s internship spanned from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023, and she will continue in the role of editor-in-chief next year.

D.J. Hicks-Terrell was a content writer this year for the Florence Navigator app. He will graduate in May 2023 with a English-Liberal Arts major and a History minor.

Gary Holland worked with a Computer Science capstone team to produce technical documentation for a funeral home database app. Gary graduates in May 2023 with a BA in English-Professional Writing and a minor in Computer Science.

Hunter Purvis interned at the Darlington County Public Library, where he created marketing materials and researched grants. Hunter plans to graduate in 2023-2024 with a BA in English-Professional Writing and a minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies.

James Parker served this year as managing editor for Snow Island Review Literary Journal and received academic credit for his work during Fall 2022. James is a Biology education major with a passion for literature and poetry.

Luke Watkins completed two internships through the English department. First, he served as a donor relations intern for the United Way of Florence County. In his second internship, he was a technical writer for ACS Technologies. Luke graduates in May 2023 with a BA in English-Professional Writing and a minor in Psychology. Luke also received the 2023 Larsen Award for Professional Writing.

Mace Talbott completed a content writing internship for the Florence Navigator app. They will graduate in May 2023 with a major in English-Liberal Arts and a minor in Professional Writing. Mace also received the 2023 Poetry Award.

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