Welcome to First-Year Composition!

The mission of Francis Marion University’s Composition Program is to prepare students for both academic and public contexts, enhance critical thinking and rhetorical awareness, and foster students’ abilities to communicate effectively in various writing situations.

FMU’s composition sequence provides students with an introduction to the skills needed for academic success at the college level while offering small class sizes to enhance students’ writing experiences. These small classes, capped at 15 in each section, help to create stronger writing communities inside classroom walls while creating opportunities for more feedback on writing and for more teacher-student interaction. Throughout these courses, students will develop reading, writing, critical thinking, and research skills that will transfer to writing situations beyond their classes.

Composition Program Goals:

  • To prepare students to use language and styles for writing in a variety of rhetorical situations
  • To deepen students’ understanding of the power and influence of written, digital, and visual texts, both those they read and those they compose themselves
  • To develop students’ information literacy
  • To guide students through processes of reflection so they can evaluate and improve their current and future reading and writing practices

To contact the Composition Program:

Rachel N. Spear, Ph.D., Composition Coordinator

Catherine England, Ph.D., Assistant Composition Coordinator