Showcasing Students' Composition Projects

Final Draftis our annual Composition Program text, which serves several purposes. One of these is that it acts as a guide to our composition courses and student learning objectives, even including useful information about our campus Writing Center as well as our “Write on Target” program that is only open to composition students. Another purpose is to feature and publish student writing, which is selected every year by our First-Year Writing Advisory Committee. Those student essays then become model essays for other students to enjoy in their composition classes. Final Draft includes three award-winning essays: the Best ENG 101/101E Essay Award, the Best ENG 102 Essay Award, and the McCrimmon Award, which is the most prestigious award offered to the best paper written in any composition course. In addition, the committee selects a number of essays that showcases strong student writing across a number of different genres.

Submission Guidelines

We invite you to submit your essays from ENG101, 101E, and 102 to be considered for a composition award and for inclusion in Final Draft.

To submit your work, follow the steps below:

  • Talk with your instructor to share your intentions
  • Review instructor and peer feedback, making appropriate revisions to your essay
  • Finalize your essay, correcting grammar and citation errors
  • Obtain a “Student Writing Release Form” here or from your instructor or the composition coordinator
  • Complete the “Student Writing Release Form” and submit it to the composition coordinator
  • Submit an electronic .doc or .docx file of your essay to the composition coordinator by emailing the attached file to

Remember: When you email your submission, you want to put your best professional foot forward. In your email, please have a brief message, explaining the purpose of your message and including an appropriate subject line for that message.

Submissions are accepted during any point of the spring and fall semesters; decisions are typically made early in the spring semester.

Recent Award Recipients and Featured Students


“Black-ish?: The Variations of American Blackness” by Nasiry Davis

“The House that Built Me” by Jade Harrison

“Sexism in Education Professions: More Males Needed in Primary and Elementary Schools” by Jimmy Patel

Posters: “Dangers of Drinking While Pregnant” by Courtney Allen; “HIV/AIDS: The Risks They Don’t Talk About” by Morgan Kephart; “How Race Correlates to Disease” by Luis Mendoza; “Africa Americans Attending PWIs” by Patience Pinckney

“Motherhood Can Be as Unpredictable as Wildfire” by Sophia Mitropoulos

“Jack” by Zane Duncan

“Is the Pen Really Mightier than the Sword?” by Robert Hammonds

“Lula’s Coffee Company: A Place of Attachment” by Ashley Prescott

“On Vaping” by Sophia Mitropoulos

“Trainer into Teacher” by MyKenna Blankenship

“Albeism in Schools” by Anna Juel Bariineau

“An Analysis of ‘Our Fear of Immigrants’” by Eva Young


“Nutrition vs. Athlete: The Importance of Nutrition on Athletic Performance” by Micahla Kitchen

“Why Men Should Be Feminists: A Feminine Future” by Nasiry Davis

“A Voice for the Voiceless: Understanding and Raising Awareness for the Concept of Voice Donation” by Ravin Norris

Symposium on Race, Culture and Understanding Award Essay: “A Case for the Truth” by Precious McLaughlin

“The 2018 Toyota Camry Ad Analysis” by Isaac Rowe

“The Importance of Simplicity” by Thomas Dixon

“Feelings of the Fruit” by Kei’Yona Jordon

“Sibling Relationship: A Literature Review” by Sarah Lindholm

“‘I am Not My Hair’: Politics of Discrimination” by Ky’Najah Johnson

“Terryville, Connecticut: The Town with Beauty and History” by Carlie Fusco

“A New Writing Experience” by Zachary Cagle

“The Psychological Effects of Natural Disasters” by Maitland Weaver


“Skip the Tip: How Tipping Is Destructive to the Service Industry” by Lindsay Floyd

“Ad Analysis for Nissan” by Ian-Michael Novak

“White Paper: Emergency Rooms” by Brittany Hilton

“Rooked” by Reed Johnston

“Antibiotics’ Effects on Superbugs: Why Americans Need to Stop the Use of Antibiotics” by Adara Cox

“Off of Scranton’s Main Road” by James Derek Parra

“The Locavore Movement: Research Using the Toulmin Argument” by Pitambar “Ryan” Singh

“Flipping the Reader’s View” by Shaina Bazen

“Submission Letter and Essay: ‘What Makes You Tic?’” by Morgon Rogers

“The Effects of Color in the Mind” by Chance Taylor

“The Wounds We Cannot See” by Alexis Mizell