Department of English

Open the door to your future.

Enter our classrooms. Peer into Founders Hall and see faculty and students discussing South Carolina native Nikki Finney’s poetry, designing travel brochures, and producing training manuals.

Watch as we compare depictions of bravery in children’s literature, pen a sonnet or a one-act play, or create writing assignments for middle and high school students.

Together we will learn Middle English, use editorial cartoons to understand argument, critique the film noir, explore women’s voices from Queen Elizabeth I to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and more.

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Composition at FMU

FMU’s Composition Program focuses on instilling college-level writing skills through its sequenced courses, which are capped at 15 students per section to invite cooperative learning and individualized attention. Aimed at working with students to develop the needed skills to succeed in and beyond first-year composition, our composition classes help students to grow as critical thinkers and writers.

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Directed Self-Placement (DSP) Questionnaire

All incoming freshmen should complete the DSP questionnaire before attending orientation and before registering for their first-semester college composition course.

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Majors, Minors, & Collaterals

An English major is extremely versatile and in high demand, and students secure jobs in different areas – from working at nonprofits to making films. Some use their major with web-writing, speech writing, grant writing, technical writing, or freelance writing, and some land careers in journalism, marketing, advertising, administration, and public relations.

Some continue to law school, medical school, or graduate school, and some find careers in teaching at various levels. The possibilities are wide and varied, and many employers view English majors as having the communication skills needed to be successful employees.


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Dr. Meredith Love

Chair of English, Modern Languages and Philosophy
Professor of English
Distinguished Professor 2022-2023

Office: FH 110
Phone: 843-661-1522

photo of Tammy Sneed

Tammy Sneed

Administrative Assistant - English, Modern Language and Philosophy

Office: FH 155
Phone: 843-661-1371

Photo of Catherine England

Dr. Catherine England

Associate Professor of English, Interim Composition Coordinator

Office: FH 119
Phone: 843-661-1527