View Your Financial Aid Award:
Determine whether or not your file has been awarded.
View the amount of your award. **Due to the Privacy Act, the OFA cannot discuss your award over the phone.
Determine if any types of aid awarded to you are ‘unavailable’ and find out what needs to be done to make them ‘available’ (ex. selecting a lender, promissory note, loan entrance counseling, certification forms, etc.)

What Is Needed To Complete Your File:
Whether or not your FAFSA has been received by our office.
What forms need to be provided to our office **forms can be downloaded under ‘Download Forms’ on our Financial Assistance website**.
What documents need to be provided to our office.

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If this is your first time signing on to Swamp Fox Web, your userid is your social security number (no dashes…ex. 555555555) and your password is your birth month and day (ex. 0115 if you were born January 15). Once you sign on to Swamp Fox Web, you will be prompted to change your password and you will be notified of your FMU ID#.
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