June 9, 2020

FMU releases spring 2020 President’s, Dean’s lists

FMU releases spring 2020 President’s, Dean’s lists

Francis Marion University named 523 full-time students and 25 part-time students to its President’s List for the spring semester. An additional 514 full-time students and 26 part-time students made the Dean’s List for the spring semester.

Students named to the President’s List must have earned a 3.75 or higher GPA for the semester. Dean’s List students earned a GPA for the semester between 3.25 and 3.749.

A complete listing of the students follows:

President’s List – Full-time 

Vanessa P. Abarca of Florence, S.C.; Rosaline I. Abuaita of Florence, S.C.; Margerita A. Abuaita of Lake City, S.C.; Rebecca L. Alexander of Florence, S.C.; Brittni L Anderson of Darlington, S.C.; Rian A. Avin of Florence, S.C.; Margaret L. Barnes of Florence, S.C.; Ashlee E. Bell of Rock Hill, S.C.; Dorrell K. Benjamin of Coward, S.C.; Mary Ann Bernal of Dillon, S.C.; Veionda Z. Bethea of Dillon, S.C.; Emily S. Blackburn of Florence, S.C.; Franz H. Broeseler of Aachen, ; Vivian G. Bunn of Florence, S.C.; Zachary S. Cagle of Johnsonville, S.C.; Sierra R. Cartano of Raleigh, NC; Dominique J. Carter of Manning, S.C.; Jessica Rhodes Cassidy of Darlington, S.C.; Tamia R. China of Greeleyville, S.C.; Shikhar  Chodha of Florence, S.C.; Brianna D. Coker of Turbeville, S.C.; Caleb Patrick Cooper of Florence, S.C.; Adara J. Cox of Charleston, S.C.; Julia B. Culbertson of Florence, S.C.; Kamren W. Davis of Mullins, S.C.; James G. Docherty of Florence, S.C.; Emma P. Driggers of Mauldin, S.C.; Elizabeth H. Floyd of Hartsville, S.C.; Audree Jaylyn Floyd of New Zion, S.C.; Aaron P. Fulmer of Marion, S.C.; Beaty E. Garrison of Florence, S.C.; Carli P. Gauthier of Tampa, FL; Maysun L. Gibbs of Florence, S.C.; Dakota E. Goff of Hartsville, S.C.; Mark G. Goodall of Tomkins Cove, NY; Kendall R. Gray of Summerton, S.C.; Trevauna J. Grayson of Columbia, S.C.; James Allen Griggs of Florence, S.C.; Jessica C. Haines of Lake City, S.C.; Kaitlyn A. Harndon of Conway, S.C.; Amanda Shawn Harrelson of Mullins, S.C.; Latia  Harvin of Lane, S.C.; Magan K. Head of Florence, S.C.; Kristin Manuel Holland of Bishopville, S.C.; Tyler L. Howell of Darlington, S.C.; Amie Marie Hutchison of Fakenham, ; April N. James of Latta, S.C.; Ciara J. Jamison of Hartsville, S.C.; Aubrey Caroline Johnson of Manning, S.C.; Ashley N. Jordan of Darlington, S.C.; Cassie L. Jordan of Hartsville, S.C.; Hallsy Marie Kellar of Florence, S.C.; Andrew C. Kephart of Charleston, S.C.; Rachael M. Kerr of Hartsville, S.C.; Felicia M. Kirkland of Lydia, S.C.; Ashley Nicole Krause of Conway, S.C.; Aylin Dilara Kruse of Blythewood, S.C.; Elisa  Lang of Kleinmachnow, ; Caroline Coke Lawson of Darlington, S.C.; Mary A. Lawson of Darlington, S.C.; Frank Barnwell Lee of Georgetown, S.C.; Jaime N. Lester of Darlington, S.C.; Sarah E. Lindholm of Darlington, S.C.; Angelica M. Littlefield of Elgin, S.C.; Kaitlyn E. Luna of Lake City, S.C.; Maya J. MacK of Hartsville, S.C.; Olivia A. McDaniel of Fork, S.C.; Macy N. McIntyre of Marion, S.C.; Tiffany N. McKenzie of Florence, S.C.; James Dylan Meggs of Society Hill, S.C.; Paul  Meuwissen of Geilenkirchen, ; Philip J. Mickel of Beaufort, S.C.; Zachary R. Middleton of Jefferson, S.C.; Margaret Elizabeth Middleton of Bethune, S.C.; Jaleel D. Miller of Georgetown, S.C.; Austin Heath Cottingham Moody of Dillon, S.C.; Hannah L Moore of Sumter, S.C.; Garriss M. Moseley of Florence, S.C.; Jenna M. Nance of Florence, S.C.; Melayna R. Neupert of Florence, S.C.; Michael D. Norman of Mccoll, S.C.; Elizabeth G. Norris of North Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Tiffany L. O’Neal of Turbeville, S.C.; Shayla R. Osborne of Sumter, S.C.; Christian C. Owens of Hemingway, S.C.; James Derek Parra of Scranton, S.C.; Rebecca L. Perkins of Greer, S.C.; Loni  Picariello of Florence, S.C.; Justin Matthew Prozzi of Hartsville, S.C.; Fredrika Nina Regner of Langaryd, ; Eira J. Sabido of Florence, S.C.; Donovan R. Sansbury of Hartsville, S.C.; Taylor G. Saxton of Florence, S.C.; Michael  Seabrook of Charleston, S.C.; Taquashay D. Shaw of Kingstree, S.C.; Clayton B. Small of Kingstree, S.C.; Clifford B. Small of Kingstree, S.C.; Amber C. Smith of Florence, S.C.; Charday I. Sparks of Rock Hill, S.C.; Emily B. Thornell of Andrews, S.C.; Merina J. Tsukalas of Summerton, S.C.; Shane R. Turnage of Cheraw, S.C.; Allyson F. Tyner of Hartsville, S.C.; Christian M. Umphlett of Charlotte, NC; Lesshika  Vala of Middelburg, Mpumalan, ; Kendall L. Wall of Columbia, S.C.; Ivy G. Watts of Bishopville, S.C.; Brianna A. Wilds of Darlington, S.C.; Alicia  Williamson of Marion, S.C.; Darnay J. Wilson of Johnsonville, S.C.; Patricia L. Witherington of Florence, S.C.; Alacia Shahelen Witherspoon of Kingstree, S.C.; Sydney A. Conner of Florence, S.C.; Olivia G. Smith of Florence, S.C.; Cameron M. Bell of Florence , S.C.; Kaylee S. Berry of Latta, S.C.; Elizabeth H. Taylor of Darlington, S.C.; Sabrina M. Stanley of Darlington, S.C.; Dalton L. Buffkin of Marion, S.C.; Rayn Ridgeway of Florence, S.C.; Alizabeth Corbitt Shelley of Bennettsville, S.C.; Aleyna Kumantas of Florence, S.C.; Breanna Ashton Lisenby of Florence, S.C.; Alerra N. Abraham of Gable, S.C.; Cathryn Elisabeth Ackerman of Scranton, S.C.; Taniya Ariel Aldridge of Rock Hill, S.C.; Bethany Margaret Alford of Johnsonville, S.C.; Kyla Simone Allen of Columbia, S.C.; Alexandria S. Almond of Lancaster, S.C.; Carlos Javier Alonso of Stanta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain; Haley Elizabeth Andersen of Turbeville, S.C.; Autumn C. Anderson of Florence, S.C.; Daja N. Anderson of Florence, S.C.; Jeniera Appling of Florence, S.C.; Brandon T. Ard of Lake City, S.C.; Narender Ken Arjoon of Florence, S.C.; Hanna Maryssa Atkinson of Effingham, S.C.; Astou Aw of Florence, S.C.; Lauren Marie Bailey of Timmonsville, S.C.; John Denny Bailey of Blackville, S.C.; Nicholas Paul Baker of Florence, S.C.; Jacob Lee Ballington of West Columbia, S.C.; Taylor N. Barefoot of Hartsville, S.C.; Julianna M Barfield of Florence, S.C.; Jenna R Barino of Latta, S.C.; Aidan Barrett Barker of Seneca, S.C.; Abrianna Barr of Columbia, S.C.; Anna J. Barrineau of Lake City, S.C.; Brayden Christopher Barry of Wilmington, N.C.; Kimberly Michelle Baskins of Chesterfield, S.C.; Madelyn Brynne Baxley of Pinewood, S.C.; Mallory Chandler Baxley of Florence, S.C.; Whitney Elizabeth Baxley of Marion, S.C.; William Steele Bazen of Pamplico, S.C.; Madison P Bedenbaugh of Florence, S.C.; Jada A. Bell of Mullins, S.C.; Javier Bello Perez of Madrid, Spain; Adeonna N Benbow of Lamar, S.C.; Antonio Guiseppe Benevento of Effingham, S.C.; Amairamy Lizbeth Bernal-Broca of Dillon, S.C.; Angelique Sytria Black of Charleston, S.C.; Mykenna Cheryl Blankenship of Hartsville, S.C.; Hannah Nicole Blizzard of Lugoff, S.C.; Taylor Nicole Boatwright of Kershaw, S.C.; Rylee Laurine Bodony of Goose Creek, S.C.; Cydney Jonne’ Boggs of Beaufort, S.C.; Kemya Lashay Booker of Clinton, S.C.; Christopher James Boone of Lynchburg, S.C.; Jaylen Danyelle Boyd of Harleyville, S.C.; Courtney Amber Bracey of Hamer, S.C.; Michaela G. Bracone of Anderson, S.C.; Sherry N. Bracy of Florence, S.C.; Hannah Marie Braddock of Florence, S.C.; Brianna Shianne Bradley of North Charleston, S.C.; Kyle B. Bramlett of Scranton, S.C.; Michael M Bristow of Florence, S.C.; Mark Britt of Lamar, S.C.; Kiana Monae Broughton of Ruffin, S.C.; Tyler Louise Brown of Kingstree, S.C.; Stephen Allan Brown of Effingham, S.C.; Katherine McKenzie Brown of Florence, S.C.; Anya R. Bryant of Florence, S.C.; Abigail F. Buie of Florence, S.C.; Kendall C. Bullock of Florence, S.C.; John A. Burghardt of Oakville, Canada; Zarria Charnelle Burns of Rock Hill, S.C.; Alexander J. Bursch of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Jessica A Butler of Effingham, S.C.; Mark Wilson Buyck of Florence, S.C.; Emily Dawn Calcutt of Blythewood, S.C.; Destinee K. Callender of Mc Coll, S.C.; Rebecca Almy Cantey of Hartsville, S.C.; Madison Blake Cantey of Cades, S.C.; Anna Maria Capra of High Point, N.C.; Jordan Dawn Carlson of Council Grove, KS; Caleb M. Carr of Florence, S.C.; Alexis B Carter of Sellers, S.C.; Ja’leese L. Castro of Marion, S.C.; Patrick M. Chelen of Florence, S.C.; Kevin Chen of Florence, S.C.; Kinsley Glenn Chestnut of Darlington, S.C.; Guillermina Perez Chilton of Lamar, S.C.; Santana Frehley Christmas of Bishopville, S.C.; Haley Ginger Clark of Darlington, S.C.; Larrisa M. Clea of Rembert, S.C.; Lyric Symone Clinton of Rock Hill, S.C.; Christal Angel Coard of Columbia, S.C.; Rachael Hannah Coker of Johnsonville, S.C.; Meisha Nichelle Coles of North Charleston, S.C.; Allison Nicole Collins of Florence, S.C.; Robert Francis Fulmer Collins of Ravenel, S.C.; Harley S. Collins of Florence, S.C.; Katherine Z. Collins of Florence, S.C.; Brooke Elisabeth Connors of Florence, S.C.; Khouri Lashell Cooper of Nesmith, S.C.; Jenna Lane Cottingham of Florence, S.C.; Aaliyah T Covington of Bennettsville, S.C.; Kendall R. Coward of Coward, S.C.; Kylie E. Coward of Hartsville, S.C.; Kendall R. Coward of Coward, S.C.; Elizabeth M. Cox of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Chasity Ryan Cox of Sellers, S.C.; Brooklyn Elizabeth Cox of Lake City, S.C.; Syrena Doreen Creecy of Florence, S.C.; Crystal Lynn Crockett of Lancaster, S.C.; Anna Ruane D’Eugenio of Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Rachel Lynn Davis of Mechanicsville, VA; Niya R Davis of Sumter, S.C.; Jessica Brionne Davis of Florence, S.C.; Ben Carson Davison of Northern Ireland, United Kingdom; Liam Gabriel Day of Elma Park, South Africa; Ryan W. Dees of Blythewood, S.C.; Evan J. Defee of Effingham, S.C.; Michaela H Dennis of Hemingway, S.C.; Jason R. Desai of Florence, S.C.; Leila G. Detalo of Florence, S.C.; Kimberly M. Dickerson of Johns Island, S.C.; Claude Diggs of Chesterfield, S.C.; Christina F. Dimmery of Marion, S.C.; Thomas O. Dixon of Florence, S.C.; Daniel Carson Dixon of Hartsville, S.C.; Jeselle Dominguez-Toledo of Scranton, S.C.; Mary Claire N Dotson of Lake City, S.C.; Jamia Amonnie Downing of Bamberg, S.C.; Sarah Rose Driggers of Mauldin, S.C.; Avniel Duncan of Florence, S.C.; Zane Manfred Duncan of Conway, S.C.; Sydney L. Dyke of Rembert, S.C.; McKenna Elizabeth Dynan of Florence, S.C.; Mildred D. Easler of Greeleyville, S.C.; Andrew Charles Eason of Florence, S.C.; Kailey A. Eggert of Greenville, S.C.; Emir Elhuni of Latta, S.C.; Katelyn Jane Ellard of Cary, N.C.; Elizabeth A. Elliott of Florence, S.C.; Jonathan C. Ellison of Florence, S.C.; Tanner Leighton Epps of Sumter, S.C.; Stanley C Eze of Marietta, GA; Melanie Katelyn Fajardo of Coward, S.C.; Nicolette Ayana Falvey of Lynchburg, S.C.; Jer’neisha S. Farmer of Sumter, S.C.; Mallory P Feagin of Johnsonville, S.C.; Sarah A Fender of Florence, S.C.; Jorren Fields of Florence, S.C.; Vincent Robert Flamini of Florence, S.C.; Sean Patrick Floyd of Florence, S.C.; David John Fonseca of Florence, S.C.; Abigail Marie Fosberry of Ladys Island, S.C.; Laura P. Fox of Williston, S.C.; Cameron Dewitt Francum of Florence, S.C.; Diana Nicole Fryar of Florence, S.C.; Alexandra Hope Frye of Galivants Ferry, S.C.; Julia Ruth Fulmer of Marion, S.C.; Carolyn Fulwood of Darlington, S.C.; Carlie D. Fusco of Conway, S.C.; Chelsey E. Gaddy of Lakeview, S.C.; Ethan W. Gainey of Patrick, S.C.; Kamryn N. Gainey of Society Hill, S.C.; Savanna C. Gainey of Darlington, S.C.; Jayla A. Gainey of Columbia, S.C.; David Galic of Boras, Sweden; Ashley E. Gandy of Darlington, S.C.; Yidi Gao of Florence, S.C.; Jayda Nicole Gary of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Jordan L. Gibbs of Florence, S.C.; Jordyn Aleace Gibson of Manning, S.C.; Diamond V Goodman of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Rachel Elizabeth Gowdy of Bennettsville, S.C.; Adam William Graham of Florence, S.C.; Katherine T. Graham of Scranton, S.C.; Abigail Morgan Graham of Florence, S.C.; Jocelyn B. Graham of Scranton, S.C.; Connie R. Gray of Hartsville, S.C.; Cassie D Gray of Sellers, S.C.; Bryant Tawan Green of Manning, S.C.; Devin A. Gregg of Easley, S.C.; Stephen Andrew Griggs of Florence, S.C.; Karlyn Marianna Griggs of Darlington, S.C.; Chasity D. Grimsley of Florence, S.C.; Samari Guinart of Elgin, S.C.; Mikayla Danielle Gurley of Mullins, S.C.; Keyonna Gurley of Darlington, S.C.; Caroline Alexis Hall of Florence, S.C.; Emma C. Hall of Candler, N.C.; Hallie R. Ham of Timmonsville, S.C.; Christian M. Hames of Ladson, S.C.; Chanelle Hanberry of Warrenville, S.C.; James Wesley Hanna of Florence, S.C.; Sally Hannuneh of Florence, S.C.; Alyssa Leigh Hansen of Apex, N.C.; Landon Joseph Hardee of Johnsonville, S.C.; Sarah Elizabeth Harkins of Stallings, N.C.; Jaimie Harney of Hopewell Junction, NY; Jessica Harney of Hopewell Junction, NY; Camryn Evonne Harris of Florence, S.C.; Payton Alyssa Hartfield of Johnsonville, S.C.; Alexcia J. Harvin of Saint Stephen, S.C.; Logan A. Haselden of Mullins, S.C.; Kimberly Snow Hayes of Florence, S.C.; Taylor Lynne Hayes of Florence, S.C.; Hailey Lyn Hayes of Marion, S.C.; Isabella Lee Haynes of Darlington, S.C.; Elise M. Haynes of Darlington, S.C.; Savanah Lei Hebler of Florence, S.C.; Stephen Michael Hellmig of Darlington, S.C.; Janecia Briana Hemingway of Conway, S.C.; Maya N. Henderson of Greenville, S.C.; Noah C Henderson of Dillon, S.C.; Hannah G. Hendrix of Hartsville, S.C.; Rachael R Hennenkamp of Wake Forest, N.C.; Elizabeth Marie Henry of Latta, S.C.; Neptali Herrera Ochoa of Conway, S.C.; Kendall N. Herring of Galivants Ferry, S.C.; Chase M Herron of Hartsville, S.C.; Alyse Suzanne Hewitt of Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Joseph Douglas Hilbourn of Florence, S.C.; Mary Keith Hill of Florence, S.C.; Nathan B. Hinson of Chester, S.C.; Valentina Hodges of Florence, S.C.; Magnus Hoejland of Copenhagen, Denmark; Henry James Holland of Florence, S.C.; Gary Thomas Holland of Marion, S.C.; Samuel L Howell of Florence, S.C.; Andrew Justin Howle of Florence, S.C.; Prentis Grainger Howle of Darlington, S.C.; Allison L. Hubbard of Florence, S.C.; Taylor N. Hucks of Loris, S.C.; Aidan Isaac Humphrey of Nichols, S.C.; Ebony S Hunter of Florence, S.C.; Carmen E. Hunter of Florence, S.C.; Lauren Elizabeth Hyman of Pamplico, S.C.; Anthony G. Ibrahim of Latta, S.C.; Georgia L. Ingalls of Bennettsville, S.C.; Allana C. Ingram of Darlington, S.C.; Hayley J. Inman of Effingham, S.C.; Verena Katherine Jack of Florence, S.C.; Anna Jackson of Hemingway, S.C.; William Evan Jackson of Darlington, S.C.; August Marie Jackson of Florence, S.C.; Bethany Adelle Jackson of Hemingway, S.C.; Tamara A Jackson of Loris, S.C.; Christopher Eugene Jacobs of Florence, S.C.; Tracie Michelle Jacobs of Hartsville, S.C.; Angelina Sheela Catherine Jayapuram of Marion, S.C.; Charles E. Jeffcoat of Florence, S.C.; Philip Thomas Jeffcoat of Florence, S.C.; Haley J. Jeffers of Kingstree, S.C.; Aleksandr Jergensen of Arvada, CO; Makayla Denell Johnson of Sumter, S.C.; Cassidy R. Johnson of Columbia, S.C.; Kynajah J. Johnson of Georgetown, S.C.; Ciara B Johnson of Florence, S.C.; Brianna Nicole Johnson of Columbia, S.C.; Emily Grace Jones of Lake View, S.C.; Kristin Noel Jones of Columbia, S.C.; Alvin D. Jordan of Hartsville, S.C.; Stanislaw Kansiewicz of Dalzell, S.C.; Gabriel Radoslavova Karatantcheva of Sofia, Bulgaria; Angela Renee Kasitz of Effingham, S.C.; Liston Ryan Kelly of Johnsonville, S.C.; Casper Bjurhult Kennedy of Tjome; Tara B. Kennedy of Little River, S.C.; Morgan E. Kephart of Charleston, S.C.; Riley B Kilcullen of Summerville, S.C.; Ethan Mitchell King of Florence, S.C.; Moriea Cyntia King of Jefferson, S.C.; Katie Sue Kissiah of Hartsville, S.C.; Ashleigh H. Knight of Gaston, S.C.; Heather Clarice Knowlton of New Zion, S.C.; Kyla A Koch of Chapin, S.C.; Matthew Holden Lamb of Lake City, S.C.; Benjamin W. Lamb of Lake City, S.C.; William J. Lancaster of Florence, S.C.; Sara Ann Cathryn Lank-Miller of Charleston, S.C.; Manon Lea Laprune of Bayeux, France; Katelyn Marie Larrimore of Gresham, S.C.; Kody W. Lawler of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Taylor J. Lee of Hartsville, S.C.; Hyeokjae Lee of Marion, S.C.; Kioya Matthew Lee of Columbia, S.C.; Abigail E. Lesley of Hartsville, S.C.; Ansley Grace Lesley of Hartsville, S.C.; Emily Grace Leviner of Florence, S.C.; Savannah Grace Lewter of Hopkins, S.C.; Amelia Joy Lietka of Darlington, S.C.; Victoria E. Locklair of Lake City, S.C.; Whitney Locklear of Hamer, S.C.; Amber Mattalyn Lockliear of Salters, S.C.; Faith N. Lokibe of Florence, S.C.; Wilson Chandler Long of Lake City, S.C.; Andrew Thomas Lowry of Florence, S.C.; Taylor N. Lutian of Ball Ground, GA; Joseph Walker Lutz of Florence, S.C.; Tiyana Selena Lyles of Florence, S.C.; Jada Patrice Lytch of Dillon, S.C.; Hanna Rose Mabbutt of Florence, S.C.; Marina N. MacK of Hartsville, S.C.; Caleb J Mahoney of Florence, S.C.; Axl R. Mangadang of Florence, S.C.; Ellison Danielle Marlowe of Florence, S.C.; Idalia L Martinez of Sumter, S.C.; Summer Alexis Matthews of Kingstree, S.C.; Caitlin Renae Matthews of Pamplico, S.C.; Demetric Jascere McCall of Dillon, S.C.; James P. McCarley of Hartsville, S.C.; Caroline L McClam of Florence, S.C.; Adrien Markel McClintock of Sumter, S.C.; Brittany Amber McCormick of Florence, S.C.; Caitlyn Raycene McCoy of Florence, S.C.; Jade H McCoy of Sumter, S.C.; Reina Chardrice McCullough of Fort Lawn, S.C.; Amy Elizabeth McCutchen of Hartsville, S.C.; Caroline Ann McDade of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Emily G McDonald of Sumter, S.C.; Laci Michelle McElveen of Lynchburg, S.C.; Dayle H. McEwen of Collinsville, IL; Desmond Marquis McFadden of Lake City, S.C.; Bailey A McGee of Florence, S.C.; Greyson Miller McIntyre of Marion, S.C.; Dani-Reed Marie McKenzie of Mc Bee, S.C.; Mary C. McKnight of Hartsville, S.C.; Mason A McKnight of Florence, S.C.; Abbey Elizabeth McLean of Coward, S.C.; Brent Austin McManus of Winnsboro, S.C.; Madison Gabrielle McPhail of Hartsville, S.C.; Sarah E. Mellott of Florence, S.C.; Hailey Renee Melton of Chesterfield, S.C.; Hermon Mikael of Karlskrona, Sweden; Maegan E Miles of Florence, S.C.; Garrett Steven Miller of Florence, S.C.; Jervonia Qumaui Miller of Georgetown, S.C.; Bridget Nicole Miller of Pageland, S.C.; Finn Moloney Millians of Peachtree City, GA; Emily C. Milligan of Florence, S.C.; Savannah Dean Mincey of Johnsonville, S.C.; Sophia Anastasia Mitropoulos of Florence, S.C.; Joanna Vivian Mitropoulos of Florence, S.C.; Sarah A. Moll of Waxhaw, N.C.; Briana Elizabeth Monarca of Leesville, S.C.; Madison C. Moody of Lake View, S.C.; Ryan Moore of Sumter, S.C.; Sherwena L. Moore of Florence, S.C.; Holly A. Moore of Florence, S.C.; MacY Nicole Moore of Florence, S.C.; Brittany A Moore of Mullins, S.C.; Jamira T. Moore of Latta, S.C.; Brittany Moranchel of Timmonsville, S.C.; Javier Morcillo of Lincoln, NE; Jacob G. Morris of Hollywood, S.C.; Taylor Marie Moseley of Darlington, S.C.; Lashauna Nichelle Moses of Florence, S.C.; Alisha R. Murphy of Florence, S.C.; Jonathan Chase Murray of Murrells Inlet, S.C.; Shahana K. Mushtaq of Florence, S.C.; Misha Nardani of London, United Kingdom; Derek Taylor Neal of Goldsboro, N.C.; Christian B. Newton of Florence, S.C.; Darius Nobles of Greenville, N.C.; Tyler Keith Norman of Darlington, S.C.; Hannah Reagan Norris of Conway, S.C.; Felisha C. Norton of Spartanburg, S.C.; Madison Christina Norton of Darlington, S.C.; Logan M. Norton of Latta, S.C.; Nkechi Fay Ntagu of Columbia, S.C.; JohnBenedict Odasco of Florence, S.C.; Riley May Osbourn of Lake View, S.C.; Sharon Anushka Palukurthi of Florence, S.C.; Mary A. Pammel of Bennettsville, S.C.; Jafet Paramo of Dillon, S.C.; Jacob P. Parker of Cheraw, S.C.; Madison I. Parker of Florence, S.C.; Ansley B. Parsons of Florence, S.C.; Sarah Dawn Paschal of Dillon, S.C.; Jimmy J. Patel of Jefferson, S.C.; Sydney Dawn Patterson of Fort Mill, S.C.; Ashtyn Elizabeth Patterson of Andersonville, TN; Tyler Anthony Pearson of Marion, S.C.; Delaney Madison Peeler of Santee, S.C.; Andrew J. Pellegri of Belmont, N.C.; Bailey Alyssa Perdue of Clayton, N.C.; Jaleesa Perry of Sumter, S.C.; Sarah Brittany Petereit of Darlington, S.C.; Oliver James Peters of Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom; Tasia Angelica Phillips of Elgin, S.C.; Samuel J. Pollard of Perth, WA; Colette Loraine Poston of Florence, S.C.; Andrew Geddis Powell of Darlington, S.C.; Megan Brooke Power of Sumter, S.C.; Emily N. Powers of Pamplico, S.C.; Ashley Nicole Prescott of Dillon, S.C.; Melinda Casey Prescott of Dillon, S.C.; Joy L. Price of Dillon, S.C.; Rushali E. Pulukuri of Florence, S.C.; Sera Grace Purvis of Pamplico, S.C.; Hanna E. Purvis of Pamplico, S.C.; Jivanta T. Quick of Cheraw, S.C.; Tyla Justice Quick of Wallace, S.C.; Clayton Foster Raines of Easley, S.C.; Shilpa Vakkalanka Rao of Florence, S.C.; Ashley Lorraine Ray of Darlington, S.C.; Hailey D. Reed of Holly Hill, S.C.; Tristan Shane Reynolds of St. Stephen, S.C.; Michael C. Rials of Florence, S.C.; London M. Richardson of Wadmalaw Island, S.C.; Palmer Cole Richburg of Sumter, S.C.; Karla G. Rico Gil of Florence, S.C.; Marina E Rishmawi of Florence, S.C.; Tierra Saleeha Ritter of Columbia, S.C.; Jada Tianassia Robertson of Marion, S.C.; Caroline Cantey Robinson of Manning, S.C.; Laney Elizabeth Rodgers of Lexington, S.C.; Joshua L. Rodgers of Kingstree, S.C.; Carlie Malyn Rogers of Florence, S.C.; Breanna Paige Roof of Lancaster, S.C.; Savana Ann Rosson of Leesville, S.C.; Hailey N. Rowell of Florence, S.C.; Ashaunti Audrey Rucker of Ridgeland, S.C.; Payton R Russo of Florence, S.C.; Madison Salyer of Effingham, S.C.; Marisa M. Sams of Saint Stephen, S.C.; Megan Kiara Sanders of Charleston, S.C.; Elizabeth Jean Sansbury of Hartsville, S.C.; Marianne E Santamaria of Blenheim, S.C.; Gadiel Santiago of Sanford, FL; Harley C. Schultz of Darlington, S.C.; Liberty Alexis Schultz of Atlanta, GA; Ashlin N. Schuster of Florence, S.C.; Jacob Lee Schwartz of West Columbia, S.C.; Sierra Sconzo of Columbia, S.C.; Jenna N. Seastrunk of Florence, S.C.; Brittany Nicole Sehnke of Florence, S.C.; Danielle M. Sessions of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Kerington Blair Shaffer of Manning, S.C.; Macey B Shelley of Florence, S.C.; Tristan Reace Shird of Johnsonville, S.C.; Bryson Craig Shumate of Pamplico, S.C.; John P Siary of Inman, S.C.; Sara A. Simmons of Florence, S.C.; Kendrea Logan Sims of Timmonsville, S.C.; Ashton M. Sims of Timmonsville, S.C.; Gericka Rashon Sinkler of Darlington, S.C.; Benjamin F. Skinner of Hartsville, S.C.; Matthew J Skipper of West Columbia, S.C.; Jordan T Smart of Conway, S.C.; Rebecca Eleanor Smith of Florence, S.C.; Janna Smith of Florence, S.C.; Madison Taylor Smith of Florence, S.C.; Ada Reed Smolen-Morton of Florence, S.C.; Jessica M Sohner of Florence, S.C.; Amber Megan Spease of Society Hill, S.C.; Journei Spratt of Rock Hill, S.C.; Matt R. Stallings of Florence, S.C.; Christopher M. Steele of Florence, S.C.; Savannah MacKenzie Steen of Florence, S.C.; Lily Marie Stelzer of Summerville, S.C.; Austin T. Stewart of Hartsville, S.C.; Ellie K Stone of Pamplico, S.C.; Logan A. Suggs of Darlington, S.C.; Cassidy Faith Tanner of Johnsonville, S.C.; Taylor Elizabeth Tanner of Kingstree, S.C.; Allison Tanner of Florence, S.C.; Grace Nagelvoort Teal of Longs, S.C.; Leah Ann Tedder of Florence, S.C.; Annabelle Grace Tedder of Florence, S.C.; Garrett David Terry of Greenwood, S.C.; Kennedi Alexius Thomas of Irmo, S.C.; Rickey Nathaniel Thomas of Florence, S.C.; Kalia Devonna Elaine Thomas of Bennettsville, S.C.; Cora A. Thomerson of Mullins, S.C.; Katelyn M. Thompson of Dillon, S.C.; Brittany Abagail Todd of Aynor, S.C.; Madison Lynn Tripp of Bethune, S.C.; Tamilee Drawdy Tucker of Florence, S.C.; Kathryn G. Turbeville of Florence, S.C.; Whitley A Turner of Florence, S.C.; Myranda Ann Tyner of Darlington, S.C.; Caitlyn Elissa Vaca of Blythewood, S.C.; Mitchell Tyler Vance of Hartsville, S.C.; Kailey B. Varney of Florence, S.C.; Gisela Jasmine Vasquez of Rock Hill, S.C.; Miguel A. Velert of Florence, S.C.; Emily Thompson Viering of Effingham, S.C.; Meranda Marie Vinson of Florence, S.C.; Roland Gia Vu of Lake City, S.C.; Cody Allen Walker of Andrews, S.C.; Ethan Scott Wallace of Jefferson, S.C.; Hillary M. Walls of Cheraw, S.C.; Lily Michelle Walton of Charlotte, N.C.; Brooke Edna Ward of Manning, S.C.; Sidney George Warden of Crayford, United Kingdom; Ethan Christopher Wasche of Florence, S.C.; Kevin R. Washington of Hopkins, S.C.; Emily Alexis Watford of Lake City, S.C.; Luke Ryan Watkins of Florence, S.C.; Alexis Hope Watts of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Rylan M. Weatherford of Darlington, S.C.; Maitland E. Weaver of Darlington, S.C.; Taylor Elizabeth Welch of Florence, S.C.; Andie M. Wendelken of Pickens, S.C.; Tiana Wheeler of Florence, S.C.; Destiny Ex’skyah White of Fort Mill, S.C.; Karrington White of Elgin, S.C.; Denise Elizabeth Wiggins of Florence, S.C.; Michael Wilder of Kingstree, S.C.; Sara C. Wilkerson of Florence, S.C.; Megan Paige Wilkes of Bennettsville, S.C.; Lacey H Willard of Florence, S.C.; Gary M. Williams of Florence, S.C.; Briana Romiauld Williams of Latta, S.C.; Keziyah N Williamson of Florence, S.C.; Caira J. Wilson of Columbia, S.C.; Ashleigh Dawn Windham of Lamar, S.C.; Kamryn Rae Windham of Effingham, S.C.; Madeline Nicole Winning of Pfafftown, N.C.; Franklin Douglas Woodberry of Florence, S.C.; Jarrod L Woodland of Florence, S.C.; Joshua Andrew Woods of Patrick, S.C.; Zaria Moneya Woods of Lancaster, S.C.; Erich Peter Worn of Florence, S.C.; Joshua D Wright of Timmonsville, S.C.; Samera Lachae Geneva Wright of Walterboro, S.C.; Alvaro Zamora Sanchez of Madrid, Spain; and Eva Zannier of Gembloux, Belgium.

President’s List – Part-time

Robert H. Collins of Timmonsville, S.C.; Ivonna L. Cooper of Florence, S.C.; Madison B. Cox of Florence, S.C.; Makayla C. Davis of Darlington, S.C.; Lauren K. Evans of Mc Bee, S.C.; Ashton Kirby of Timmonsville, S.C.; William B. Mitchum of Florence, S.C.; Brooklyn D. Sweetenburg of Florence, S.C.; Mason Frank Yarborough of Florence, S.C.; Janne M. Sattele of Florence, S.C.; Robin A. Hicks of Florence, S.C.; Morgan D Cheeseboro of Columbia, S.C.; Jacob Tyler Benton of Florence, S.C.; Joshua Ryan Brigman of Hamer, S.C.; Katherine H. Britton of Florence, S.C.; Hanna E. Brown of Scranton, S.C.; Kristen Nicole Chukes of Hartsville, S.C.; Janice M. Cooper of Pamplico, S.C.; Haley A. Gainey of Conway, S.C.; Katelin Godfrey of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Diana April Hall of Darlington, S.C.; Julia L. Hayes of Cheraw, S.C.; Kaitlyn Danae Huggins of Timmonsville, S.C.; Tiara K. James of Summerton, S.C.; Bryan A. Lane of Florence, S.C.; Cynthia Masse of Florence, S.C.; Taylor C. Mills of Conway, S.C.; Devin Cullum Moore of Lexington, S.C.; William Jason O’Neal of Hartsville, S.C.; Erica R. Pearson of Florence, S.C.; Katherine Farris Reynolds of Nichols, S.C.; Ethan J. Rimer of Coward, S.C.; Ai’mee F. Samuel of Florence, S.C.; Christopher M. Schrupp of Bethune, S.C.; Zachary Frederick Seiss of Florence, S.C.; Emily Grace Weatherford of Hartsville, S.C.; and Rosemary Winter of Florence, S.C.

Dean’s List – Full Time  

Mahmoud M. Abdallah of Charleston, S.C.; Angela L. Acosta of Hartsville, S.C.; Hannah Nicole Adams of Gadsden, S.C.; Dante E. Ahquin of Ridgeville, S.C.; John Tyler Baxley of Dillon, S.C.; Sidney M. Bazen of Florence, S.C.; Annah M. Beck of Sumter, S.C.; Taylor O. Blanton of Johnsonville, S.C.; Olivia C. Brady of Marion, S.C.; Hannah C. Bunch of Florence, S.C.; Maquitta G. Butler of Cheraw, S.C.; Raquel S. Campbell of Florence, S.C.; Destini A. Campbell of Hamer, S.C.; Christopher M. Carter of Georgetown, S.C.; Elizabeth M. Chavis of Lake City, S.C.; Miranda L. Coker of Turbeville, S.C.; David E. Culp of Florence, S.C.; Mohamed H. Dawad of Florence, S.C.; Erika B. Devore of Hardeeville, S.C.; Titiana Ladal Durant of Columbia, S.C.; Jodi L. Edwards of Florence, S.C.; Sidney P. Foggie of Laurens, S.C.; Ty’liyaha  Frasier of Andrews, S.C.; Caleb S. Fulmer of Marion, S.C.; Briana L. Gary of Florence, S.C.; Zachary R. Gillespie of Ridgeway, S.C.; Kennedy L. Glasgow of Newberry, S.C.; Ranasia  Green of Georgetown, S.C.; Mauricio  Guerrero Gonzalez of Florence, S.C.; Kayla Lynn Haas of Hartsville, S.C.; Alexis N. Haley of Pinewood, S.C.; Amber G. Hammett of Bishopville, S.C.; Emily F. Hancock of Florence, S.C.; Victoria A. Harrington of Florence, S.C.; Courtland L. Hendricks of Florence, S.C.; Ashley J. Henry of Florence, S.C.; Christian Sky Holloman of Latta, S.C.; Lakiesha R. Johnson of Lancaster, S.C.; Ashley B. Jones of Latta, S.C.; McCrae A. Jones of Hartsville, S.C.; Teneshia R. Knight of Aiken, S.C.; Cassidy E. Knight of Florence, S.C.; Brent L. Langston of Florence, S.C.; Alex Michael Kim Ludwig of Kingstree, S.C.; Madison M. Mabry of Florence, S.C.; Yessenia C. Marquez of Hartsville, S.C.; Kendria C. Mason of Mullins, S.C.; Kierra D. McElveen of Florence, S.C.; Deannah G. Neupert of Florence, S.C.; Taylor D. Parker of Cheraw, S.C.; Deonte L. Peterson of Aiken, S.C.; Crystal Rose Rivers of Florence, S.C.; Imani S. Robinson of Dalzell, S.C.; Isaac J. Rodgers of Rock Hill, S.C.; Samantha K. Schreiner of Clover, S.C.; Brenda  Shelton of Sumter, S.C.; Aaron Tarrell Simmons of Charleston, S.C.; Joshua A. Singleton of Blythewood, S.C.; Katherine H. Sports of Timmonsville, S.C.; Rashonda S. Stuckey of Florence, S.C.; Alexis M. Sutherland of Murrells Inlet, S.C.; Summer  Tisdale of Manning, S.C.; Arlene M. Upshur of Kingstree, S.C.; Kaitlan P. Vance of Laurens, S.C.; Antonio D. Waiters of Hartsville, S.C.; Matthew G. Wallace of Irmo, S.C.; John A. Wangeh of Dillon, S.C.; Megann E. Warnecki of Ladson, S.C.; Jasmine A. Watson of Florence, S.C.; Sonny Lee Williams of Hamer, S.C.; Jacquara M. Willingham of Augusta, GA; Dianna N. Wilson of Hemingway, S.C.; Chelsea M. Witherspoon of Sumter, S.C.; Jabrea M. Woodard of Winnsboro, S.C.; Cameron H. Browder of Timmonsville, S.C.; Victoria C. Arnette of Lake View , S.C.; Jordan M. Lochart of Florence, S.C.; Nicole D. McDonald of Cades, S.C.; Dalton M. Prosser of Florence, S.C.; Meagan K. Powell of Hartsville, S.C.; Merissa c. Taylor of Florence, S.C.; Edward H. Spivey of Mullins, S.C.; Amber M. Glowe of Florence, S.C.; Kendall B. Russell of Florence, S.C.; Cooper Jackson Abbott of Effingham, S.C.; Hannah Missouri Abercrombie of Florence, S.C.; Christina N. Abram of Florence, S.C.; Arabia S. Adams of Darlington, S.C.; Andrew Thomas Alexander of Florence, S.C.; Faith Brianna Nicole Allen of Walterboro, S.C.; Chloe Elizabeth Allen of Florence, S.C.; Arianna Alston of Ladson, S.C.; Danielle C. Amon of Lamar, S.C.; Artiana Ray Andrews of Lancaster, S.C.; William Anth-Forsberg of Ljusdal, Sweden; Briana L Ard of Lynchburg, S.C.; Malcolm Jamar Armstrong of Winnsboro, S.C.; Braidyn Shae Armstrong of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Matthew T. Astell of Queensland, Australia; Jordan B. Atkinson of Hartsville, S.C.; Kalei Bryanna Babb of Charlotte, N.C.; Gregory T. Bailey of Columbia, S.C.; Bracey N. Bantum of Cassatt, S.C.; Bruno Baptista of Lagos, Nigeria; Andrew J. Barber of Rock Hill, S.C.; Kyle Robert Barcus of Florence, S.C.; Luke William Barefoot of Florence, S.C.; Onyx Imani Barksdale of Walterboro, S.C.; Myoshia N. Baskin of Columbia, S.C.; Cullen W. Baxley of Pamplico, S.C.; Jake Robert Benoit of Charlotte, N.C.; Colby Lane Benson of Timmonsville, S.C.; Thomas K. Benton of Hartsville, S.C.; Mercedes Latonya Bethea of Sellers, S.C.; Harrison Thomas Bigham of Florence, S.C.; Dashawna Lakay Black of Columbia, S.C.; Nacole Elizebeth Blackmon of Lamar, S.C.; Walter S. Blaker of Florence, S.C.; Janice E. Boatwright of Mullins, S.C.; Grace O. Bodiford of Bonneau, S.C.; Sarah Nicole Borck of Florence, S.C.; Malaysia Allison Boulware of Winnsboro, S.C.; Jamia Renee’ Bracey of Lugoff, S.C.; Ja’nya Louise Breeden of Florence, S.C.; Elodi Franzes Breg of Fort Mill, S.C.; Peyton Lewis Britt of Mullins, S.C.; Clifton H. Browder of Timmonsville, S.C.; Kenya S. Brown of Sumter, S.C.; Tarchea’ S. Brown of North Charleston, S.C.; Tavora Synretta Annice Brown of Ruffin, S.C.; Amelia G. Brown of Hartsville, S.C.; Keishon Jermaine Brown of Marion, S.C.; Kira Lashawn Brown of Johnsonville, S.C.; Henry Clarke Brunson of Florence, S.C.; Tyasia Daymeshia Brunson of Sumter, S.C.; Tyeshia Jermonnie Brunson of Florence, S.C.; Kinleigh M. Bryant of Conway, S.C.; Abigail D. Bullock of Fayetteville, N.C.; Sandy Ann Bullock of Dillon, S.C.; Adriana Sha’von Burgess of Salters, S.C.; Grace E. Burnett of Florence, S.C.; Diana Ashanti Burris of Blythewood, S.C.; John Davis Burroughs of Greeleyville, S.C.; Xabrianna M. Butler of Gable, S.C.; Parker Knight Calvert of Charleston, S.C.; Kiersten Taylor Camlin of Florence, S.C.; Tamara Faith Campbell of Latta, S.C.; Taylor Rae Campbell of Ladson, S.C.; Hannah Lauryn Cantey of Lake City, S.C.; Jon-Mitchell Carter of Hamer, S.C.; Madison Ruth Caudill of Florence, S.C.; Antasia Karea Chambers of Anderson, S.C.; Bryce A. Chavis of Florence, S.C.; Tiara Lynn Chavis of Mccoll, S.C.; Nyquera M. Chisholm of Rock Hill, S.C.; Shyera K. Claridy of Longs, S.C.; Caleb Myrddin Clark of Saint Stephen, S.C.; Jared Solomon Cleckley of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Katelyn Grace Coker of Lake City, S.C.; Maleah Alice Condrey of Little River, S.C.; James J Connors of Florence, S.C.; David A Conti of Florence, S.C.; Harry W. Cook of Florence, S.C.; Natalie Lauren Cook of Murrells Inlet, S.C.; Tasherra K. Cook-Jones of Conway, S.C.; Beyounce’ Marshavia Cooper of Bishopville, S.C.; Gerardo Gamaniel Corea of Lake City, S.C.; Gregory A. Cosom of Darlington, S.C.; Dalton Collins Coursey of Sumter, S.C.; Benjamin Daniel Courtney of Scranton, S.C.; Lamonie Marie Courtney of Jefferson, S.C.; Adellia J. Coward of Scranton, S.C.; James O’Neal Creel of Hemingway, S.C.; Ashley D. Cross of Mullins, S.C.; Catherine E. Cross of Florence, S.C.; Gabrielle Nicole Cullipher of Latta, S.C.; Hannah Nicole Cumbie of Florence, S.C.; Kayla N Cummins of Timmonsville, S.C.; Daymond Cunningham of Heath Springs, S.C.; Marlecha Tylea Cuyler of Charleston, S.C.; Erica Marie Dallas of Camden, S.C.; Kelsey Leigh Darien of Pineland, S.C.; Jonathan D. David of Bennettsville, S.C.; Mary Elizabeth Davis of Goose Creek, S.C.; Myanna T Davis of Rockhill, S.C.; Malachi Kalik Dawson of Summerville, S.C.; Pierre De Caevel of Glabais, Belgium; Pedro Jafet De Santiago of Gomez Palacio, Mexico; MacKenzie Elizabeth Delaney of Conway, S.C.; Taylor R. Deleon of Summerville, S.C.; O’Shayanna T. Dennis of Rembert, S.C.; Stephanie B Derrick of Florence, S.C.; Elaine Noele’ Detamore of Ridgeville, S.C.; Brooke Ann Dickerson of Georgetown, S.C.; Charles R. Dixon of Sumter, S.C.; Nicholas Phillip Dolen of Dalzell, S.C.; Kathryn V Dooley of Columbia, S.C.; Kaitlin E Dotson of Effingham, S.C.; Melanie Elizabeth Dozier of Florence, S.C.; Stasia K. Dozier of Gresham, S.C.; Dulce Maria Dubose of Olanta, S.C.; Assata S. Dunham of Dillon, S.C.; Le’darrieus J. Dunlap of Clover, S.C.; Kameesha Brianna Dupree of Bennettsville, S.C.; Tae’ Nathaniel-Lee Eady of Charleston, S.C.; Cassondra Michelle Edgemon of Orangeburg, S.C.; Cameron Allen Eidson of Dalzell, S.C.; Phanie J. Ellerbe of Cheraw, S.C.; Sherika Deanna Ellerson of Dillon, S.C.; Rachael B. Elliott of Florence, S.C.; Aimee Elizabeth Elsey of Goose Creek, S.C.; Maria Simone Ern of Lake City, S.C.; Tondi’a Rahneiqua Evans of Sumter, S.C.; Amaya Satira Fayall of Goose Creek, S.C.; Kadrea J. Ferguson of Camden, S.C.; Jala Monay Ferguson of Orangeburg, S.C.; Ashley J. Flora of Clover, S.C.; Bianca Annalise Flores of New Zion, S.C.; Luke Marshall Flowers of Florence, S.C.; Alexis L. Floyd of Timmonsville, S.C.; Caroline Alexis Floyd of Hartsville, S.C.; Drayton S. Floyd of Pamplico, S.C.; Karmen A’leah Foster of Gaffney, S.C.; Samantha Ann Foster of Florence, S.C.; Brayden Patrick Fowler of Lexington, S.C.; Trystan Monfils Freeman of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Brianna A Freeman of Chesterfield, S.C.; Michael Dupree Frye of Galivants Ferry, S.C.; Henry H. Fuller of Holly Hill, S.C.; Osha S. Fulmore of Scranton, S.C.; Elizabeth B. Gable of Red Lion, PA; Tierra Michelle Gadsden of Summerville, S.C.; Jacob Dylan Gainey of Sumter, S.C.; Mary Alice Gainey of Hartsville, S.C.; Hannah Christian Gainey of Hartsville, S.C.; Bailee A. Gainey of Hartsville, S.C.; Shakeshey’a A. Galloway of Anderson, S.C.; Anquan L. Gamble of Kingstree, S.C.; Zaria S. Gantt of Walterboro, S.C.; Brooke S. Garland of Aynor, S.C.; Warsay Tekeste Gebremariam of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Samuel Elliott George of Latta, S.C.; Sabrina E. Gilbertson of Florence, S.C.; Alexis Kashawn Gillespie of Cheraw, S.C.; Caitlyn J. Ginn of Laurens, S.C.; Marlen Gonzalez of Pamplico, S.C.; Diamond W. Gordon of Ladson, S.C.; Joshua C. Graham of Kingstree, S.C.; Skyler Anne Graham of Kingstree, S.C.; Asia R. Grant of Johns Island, S.C.; Shiniece Grant of Florence, S.C.; Sarah Carlisle Green of Lynchburg, S.C.; Kirtara L. Green of Florence, S.C.; Richard Cody Green of Florence, S.C.; Ny’zeria Aleaka Greene of Andrews, S.C.; Rachel Madison Griffin of Pamplico, S.C.; Maegan Taylor Griggs of Cheraw, S.C.; Maja M Guerreso of Florence, S.C.; Christian M. Gulledge of Turbeville, S.C.; Troy L. Habersham II of Hartsville, S.C.; Luke David Hall of Clio, S.C.; Blessed Halter of W. Columbia, S.C.; Mason Elizabeth Ham of Manning, S.C.; Valiza Regene Hamilton of Hamer, S.C.; Chelsie Elizabeth Hanna of Johnsonville, S.C.; Monica Joseph Hanna of Florence, S.C.; Joshua R. Hardee of Marion, S.C.; Hunter A. Hardin of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Jamesha E. Harley of Aiken, S.C.; Amyirell Sharice Harrington of Florence, S.C.; Donerrah S. Harrington of Florence, S.C.; Leanne P. Hartley of Georgetown, S.C.; James Fitzgerald Hegan of Bluffton, S.C.; Tyniece R Hemingway of Longs, S.C.; Shavounese Monique Henderson of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Benjamin Hernandez Arteaga of York, S.C.; Alexis A Herring of Columbia, S.C.; Breanne Jade Hickman of Florence, S.C.; Reginald T. Hickmon of Florence, S.C.; Michaela B. Hicks of Marion, S.C.; Darius Xavier Hicks-Terrell of Spartanburg, S.C.; Candace K. Hill of Sellers, S.C.; Donovan Winston Hill of Columbia, S.C.; Jazlynn Ariel Hilton of Manning, S.C.; Logan Elizabeth Holladay of Georgetown, S.C.; Brynna Noelle Holley of Florence, S.C.; Alayna Morgan Hoover of Florence, S.C.; Jessica T. Horne of Florence, S.C.; Delonte R. Hough of Darlington, S.C.; Johntavis Latrell Howell of York, S.C.; Tori Renae Hubbard of Wallace, S.C.; Haylee A Hucks of Pamplico, S.C.; Tempest D Hudson of Timmonsville, S.C.; Tabitha Danielle Hudson of Darlington, S.C.; Yosimar Huerta of Laredo, TX; Marlee P Humphries of Florence, S.C.; Tye’jah J. Hunter of Greenwood, S.C.; Charles P. Hutchings of Florence, S.C.; Kelsey Elizabeth Ioffreda of Florence, S.C.; Jared Jackson Ivey of Dillon, S.C.; Safoya Latrice Izzard of Kingstree, S.C.; Marah Chey’anne Jackson of Manning, S.C.; Anyla N Jackson of Columbia, S.C.; Robert Harper Jackson of Florence, S.C.; Katheryn L Jackson of Conway, S.C.; Javorius Jackson of Florence, S.C.; Aarmond Darius Jackson of Hardeeville, S.C.; Holden C. Jackson of Florence, S.C.; Kaitlyn O Jacobs of Georgetown, S.C.; Kaylyn E. Jacobs of Effingham, S.C.; Kaitlin Dale Jaggers of Florence, S.C.; Johnny David James of Florence, S.C.; Amber R. Jenerette of Little River, S.C.; Karmen B. Jernigan of Loris, S.C.; Raven Stanshe Alexis Johnson of Columbia, S.C.; Zachary S. Johnson of Hartsville, S.C.; Jerica Lamenya Johnson of Sumter, S.C.; Micah Antori Johnson of Sumter, S.C.; Megan Brooke Johnson of Dillon, S.C.; Daisha Arria Johnson of Rock Hill, S.C.; Ashlei R. Jones of Columbia, S.C.; Sarah Elisabeth Jones of Florence, S.C.; Catherine Alexis Jones of Aynor, S.C.; Carson Pierce Jones of Fort Mill, S.C.; Kei’yona M. Jordon of Columbia, S.C.; Savannah S. June of Sumter, S.C.; Danielle Leann Karacson of Bartow, FL; Hayli M. Keith of Murrells Inlet, S.C.; Alexander Robert Kellerhouse of Chesterfield, S.C.; Keara Kelley of Sumter, S.C.; Brett Kemp of Wilmington, N.C.; Kaitlyn Madison Kempson of Lamar, S.C.; Hannah Lucinda Kennedy of Timmonsville, S.C.; Kylie J. Kennedy of Florence, S.C.; Shaneaquia K. Kerson of Florence, S.C.; Matthew W. Keyes of Sumter, S.C.; Anna Caroline Khalil of Dillon, S.C.; Maia Dipen Khambhaita of Johnsonville, S.C.; Hanna L Kincaid of Florence, S.C.; Sarah Catherine King of Florence, S.C.; Jaiden Leigh Kiser of Maiden, N.C.; Kaleb Nathanial Kleis of Chambersburg, PA; Michael Knight of Sumter, S.C.; Cassidy Hylton Koon of Florence, S.C.; Dylan Emory Kuehne of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Natalie P. Kunkel of Conway, S.C.; Danielle Ingrid Kuzmanich of Florence, S.C.; Julian Delaluz Lagunes of Latta, S.C.; Lindsey Claire Larrimore of Florence, S.C.; Tyler R Laugh of Anderson, S.C.; Hunter Lee Lewis of Dillon, S.C.; Briana O. Lewis of Mullins, S.C.; Katherine Ann Lewis of Mc Clellanville, S.C.; Laine D. Lippo of Hartsville, S.C.; Brook N. Lockliear of Salters, S.C.; Kaitlyn Fayth Lowder of Dillon, S.C.; Tyriek S Lowery of Cheraw, S.C.; Felicity Valencia Lucas of Columbia, S.C.; Alfoniza Dontray Luckey of Effingham, S.C.; Chase E. Lynch of Florence, S.C.; Madison Ann Lynch of Florence, S.C.; Destieni La’sha Lyons of Anderson, S.C.; Rayna E. MacK of Florence, S.C.; Javon David Marcano of Columbia, S.C.; Midaina Chasity Marrero of Kingstree, S.C.; Morgan Grace Marsh of Lake City, S.C.; Christopher Adam Martin of Scranton, S.C.; Taylor Matthews of Florence, S.C.; Emilee Baldwin Mayers of Conway, S.C.; Hunter James McAdams of Florence, S.C.; Janeya N. McCall of Marion, S.C.; Shelby Robertson McCall of Florence, S.C.; Alexandria McCutcheon of Florence, S.C.; Joshua W. McDonald of Florence, S.C.; Kimberlin G McDowell of Lake City, S.C.; Breanna Talia McFadden of Florence, S.C.; Deandria Danai McKelvie of Sumter, S.C.; Keirria Elena McKelvie of Sumter, S.C.; Megan E McKissick of Florence, S.C.; Kelsey D. McLaughlin of Effingham, S.C.; Tamara C McLaurin of Bennettsville, S.C.; Curtis McLaurin of Dillon, S.C.; Chynna M. McLendon of Cheraw, S.C.; Tallon G McPherson of Hartsville, S.C.; Jante’ McQueen of Andrews, S.C.; Samantha Lee Ann Meier of Summerville, S.C.; Jamie R. Melton of Olanta, S.C.; Matthew Aycock Mendelsohn of Greer, S.C.; Jalen Tyshaun Miles of Florence, S.C.; Kaylie P Miller of Sellers, S.C.; Kiera M. Miller of Winnsboro, S.C.; Hannah Brooke Miller of Florence, S.C.; Lindsey K. Miller of Florence, S.C.; Colton T Mims of Pamplico, S.C.; Megan A. Misuraca of Cary, N.C.; Brianna N. Mitchell of Columbia, S.C.; Dacia Danielle Molette of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Makenna Beth Montgomery of Wilmington, OH; Sabrina N. Moody of Pineville, S.C.; Andrew Moore of Effingham, S.C.; Austin Carl Moore of Florence, S.C.; Miranda L. Moore of Latta, S.C.; James G. Morris of Turbeville, S.C.; John Alexander Morris of Columbia, S.C.; Uriah Aashiana Morrison of Rock Hill, S.C.; Haley Janice Moseley of Florence, S.C.; Jakayla T. Moses of Darlington, S.C.; Aaron Tyler Moses of Darlington, S.C.; Lauryn Renea Moss of Sumter, S.C.; Mahnoor K. Mushtaq of Florence, S.C.; Emily Myers of Florence, S.C.; Khumya Shy’asia Nelson of Salters, S.C.; Arbrianna N. Nelson-Barnes of Columbia, S.C.; Joshua Lee Nettles of Effingham, S.C.; Bailey E. Nodrick of Dillon, S.C.; Robert Coleman Norris of Florence, S.C.; Ravin E. Norris of Mullins, S.C.; Ray Egleston Norwood of Darlington, S.C.; Nestor Nunez Rodriguez of Hoyo de Manzanares, Spain; Adam Nunnally of Florence, S.C.; Andrew Michael Nutter of Florence, S.C.; Antonio E. Oates of Blythewood, S.C.; Daniel Andres Occupati of Baton Rouge, LA; Jared Chapman Odom of Darlington, S.C.; Jackson Lee Odom of Florence, S.C.; James S Oribhabor of Florence, S.C.; Amanda M. Pace of Lake City, S.C.; Pantelis Panteli of Ipsonas, Cypruss; Stevie Leigh Parker of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Riyashi N. Patel of Florence, S.C.; Eryieal Diasia Brea Peoples of Rock Hill, S.C.; Martin E. Perez Perez of Hartsville, S.C.; Karla Perez Victoria of Goose Creek, S.C.; Dennisa Raynita Perry of Rock Hill, S.C.; Tina Hoang Phan of Florence, S.C.; Hollen R. Philpot of Latta, S.C.; Madison Michelle Phipps of Georgetown, S.C.; Alyssa Pierson of Florence, S.C.; Kimberly B. Player of Darlington, S.C.; India Genesis Nikel Porter of Columbia, S.C.; Alyssa Jane-Lee Porter of Florence, S.C.; Ashley Michelle Poston of Florence, S.C.; Tanner Lee Poston of Pamplico, S.C.; Sydney A Price of Florence, S.C.; Kiana C. Pringle of Pinewood, S.C.; Connor Lee Purvis of Florence, S.C.; William Colby Quick of Patrick, S.C.; Taylor W Quick of Bennettsville, S.C.; Ta’ja S. Randolph of Sumter, S.C.; Jermany Shylinn Ransom of Marion, S.C.; Kimani Ravenel of Ravenel, S.C.; Christian Elizabeth Reason of Hartsville, S.C.; Sharifa Rehman of Florence, S.C.; Dalton James Remy of Lexington, S.C.; William Cody Reynolds of Effingham, S.C.; Gracyn Marie Richardson of Effingham, S.C.; Diana S Rico Gil of Florence, S.C.; Ciasia Brianna Rivera of Lugoff, S.C.; Hilario Rivera-Toledo of Scranton, S.C.; Brianna A. Roberts of Hartsville, S.C.; Morgan M. Robertson of Cheraw, S.C.; Allysa R. Robinson of Timmonsville, S.C.; Tymoshio M. Robinson of Kingstree, S.C.; Juan Maximiliano Rocco of Hialeah, FL; Hanspeter James Rodel of Florence, S.C.; Sarah K. Rogers of Chapin, S.C.; Katherine Grace Rowland of Florence, S.C.; Samantha Ann Rowland of Goose Creek, S.C.; Sylvester Jayki Rush of Florence, S.C.; David Graham Russell of Florence, S.C.; Shaaqiria Q. Ryant of Orangeburg, S.C.; Davida D. Salley of Santee, S.C.; Whitney Michelle Samuel of Florence, S.C.; Tynesha Sanders of Marion, S.C.; Selena D. Sanders of Greenville, S.C.; Christine T. Sawyer of Darlington, S.C.; Cartier Zaporey Scarborough of Bishopville, S.C.; Nicole Marie Schreiner of Clover, S.C.; Gianna A Scuderi of Conway, S.C.; Megan L. Self of Wallace, S.C.; Vincent Mario Semsey of Florence, S.C.; Kamryn McKaylee Shackelford of Effingham, S.C.; Saba Zainab Shami of Florence, S.C.; Jasmine Juanita Shaw of West Columbia, S.C.; Hailee Brooke Shields of Florence, S.C.; Phyllis A. Shine of Ladson, S.C.; Brittany E. Shumake of Nichols, S.C.; Joshua Cole Simmons of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Natasha D. Simms of Florence, S.C.; Camber Cheyenne Simms of Florence, S.C.; Typril Atyrious Malachia Simon of Florence, S.C.; Mary Berkeley Sims of Florence, S.C.; Zachary Dewayne Sims of West Union, S.C.; Frances Elaine Singletary of Lake City, S.C.; Janyia S. Singleton of Greeleyville, S.C.; V’auna N Sinkler of Columbia, S.C.; Laura A. Skipper of Timmonsville, S.C.; Tyler Janay Smith of Camden, S.C.; Jessica S. Smith of Moncks Corner, S.C.; Kevin Michael Smith of Cheraw, S.C.; Joshua Thomas Smith of Hartsville, S.C.; Jarius Ahje Smith of Florence, S.C.; Nasherria N Smith of Camden, S.C.; Ashley Nicole Smith of Summerville, S.C.; Aislinn Brianna Smith of Florence, S.C.; Emily Elizabeth Smith of Andrews, S.C.; Alexis Nicole Smith of Lake View, S.C.; Kadaya Dean Lee Smyer of Florence, S.C.; Tara Scout Soles of Sumter, S.C.; Marisa Kay Stackley of Ladson, S.C.; Jackson F Stanley of Florence, S.C.; Erin Leighann Stone of Florence, S.C.; Samuel Peter Stonskas of Eldridge, IA; Kamila Tempestt Strother of Lancaster, S.C.; Ashley N. Summerford of Effingham, S.C.; Kierston Ann Swainson of Lugoff, S.C.; Brittany MacE Talbott of Florence, S.C.; Jessica N Tanner of Dillon, S.C.; Bonnie Christine Tanner of Johnsonville, S.C.; David Mark Taylor of Darlington, S.C.; Katie L. Taylor of Latta, S.C.; Ryan Alexander Taylor of Effingham, S.C.; Madeline Grace Taylor of Florence, S.C.; Rae Q. Teja of Effingham, S.C.; Jamiyla Rashaa Tescum of Georgetown, S.C.; Quinten Walter Thomas of Charlotte, N.C.; Heather Danielle Thompson of Orangeburg, S.C.; Michael M. Thompson of Little River, S.C.; Carlos Tinajero of Saint Stephen, S.C.; Matthew Jared Todd of Pamplico, S.C.; Jessicah L Todd of Conway, S.C.; Arial Townsend of Sellers, S.C.; Lenisha S. Travis of Florence, S.C.; Daelin McKenzie Tripp of Longs, S.C.; Daniel Alexander Twitty of Sumter, S.C.; Chloe Vache of Gujan-Mestras, France; Evan T Vasseur of Hartsville, S.C.; Mary Colette Versluys of Florence, S.C.; Rebecca Yoo Mi Volovik of Rock Hill, S.C.; Amanda D. Wagner of North Charleston, S.C.; Janie Susan Wagner of Florence, S.C.; Tanner H. Wakefield of Gainesville, GA; Joshua Dewitt Walker of Varnville, S.C.; Griffin James Walters of Florence, S.C.; Carson A. Ward of Lamar, S.C.; Morgan Olivia Warner of Effingham, S.C.; Devin S Warren of Greenville, S.C.; Makaylia S. Washington of Santee, S.C.; Casma M. Washington of Florence, S.C.; Meagan Elizabeth Watson of Lamar, S.C.; Tierra L. Watson of Columbia, S.C.; Gracen E Watts of Lynchburg, S.C.; Colby Michael Watts of Dillon, S.C.; Caitlyn Hayleigh Weaver of Olanta, S.C.; Melinda Eliza Weaver of Johnsonville, S.C.; Amber Cassidy Webb of Columbia, S.C.; Joseph A Welch of Turbeville, S.C.; Emilee Merridith Welch of Scranton, S.C.; Sydney Covington Wells of Summerton, S.C.; Bailey Wendel of Oviedo, FL; Tai’rel Q. Wesley of Florence, S.C.; Frederick Thomas Wheeler of Florence, S.C.; Victoria B Wheeler of Charleston, S.C.; Demarcus Ladirus Wherry of Rock Hill, S.C.; Briana A. White of Bowie, MD; Jalen Ke’shawn White of Rock Hill, S.C.; Ke-Asia B. White of Hollywood, S.C.; Destiny Dynasia White of St. George, S.C.; Ni’ya Shamiece Whitfield of Bennettsville, S.C.; Amiyah Cymone Wilder of Lexington, S.C.; Kelcey J. Williams of Sumter, S.C.; Arquantis T Williams of Piedmont, S.C.; Qutaisha Williams of Holly Hill, S.C.; Kaitlyn C. Williamson of Sumter, S.C.; Duncan Lawrence Williamson of Florence, S.C.; Benton A. Wilson of Florence, S.C.; Taylor M Wise of Loris, S.C.; Amelia G. Wiseman of Florence, S.C.; Bailey E. Wiseman of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Wyatt Thomas Witman of Goose Creek, S.C.; Khalisha Wofford of Greenville, S.C.; Kristen A. Woodard of Florence, S.C.; Carter Hamilton Woodberry of Florence, S.C.; Lesile Kiara Woodberry of Latta, S.C.; Austin D. Wright of Cottageville, S.C.; Matthew Thomas Young of Florence, S.C.; Xandria De’ovionne Young of Columbia, S.C.; Naetosha T. Young of Blythewood, S.C.; John Zachary Zabriskie of Wilmington, N.C.; and Tyler J. Zeh of Murrells Inlet, S.C.

Dean’s List – Part-time

Lauryn P. Bush of Hilton Head Island, S.C.; Vintosha L. Eldridge of Lake City, S.C.; Jasmine D. Fevrin of Simpsonville, S.C.; Larry D. Fortune of Florence, S.C.; Shannon James of Florence, S.C.; Allison Moen of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Calvin W. Stanton of Hartsville, S.C.; Torrey A. Woods of Florence, S.C.; Brittany L. Fulton of Georgetown, S.C.; Kimaya K. Vanterpool of Florence, S.C.; Ivan M. Were of Florence, S.C.; Kiara Barbara-Ann Arnold of Florence, S.C.; Ashlee Elizabeth Blakely of Florence, S.C.; Richard Charles Brouillette of Conway, S.C.; Morgan H. Calloway of Walterboro, S.C.; Kenneth Christopher Chapman of Florence, S.C.; Kyle Tanner Collins of Mullins, S.C.; Sydney Marie Corley of Florence, S.C.; Tyesha Randrae Drayton of Effingham, S.C.; Emanuel D. Floyd of West Columbia, S.C.; Eniya Onjala’e Frink of Sumter, S.C.; Collin Wester Gardner of Florence, S.C.; Tanika Sha’bell Gause of Latta, S.C.; Ashley Amarachi Ibe of Sumter, S.C.; Hunter E. Jackson of Florence, S.C.; Azelia R. Jones of Florence, S.C.; Reagan E. Kirven of Florence, S.C.; Charleigh Elaine Leonard of Aynor, S.C.; Hunter C. Lewter of Elgin, S.C.; Adison Minor of Blountville, TN; Amanda R. Montgomery of Florence, S.C.; Rachel M. Norton of Hartsville, S.C.; Morgan Skipper of Longs, S.C.; Kelsie Reagin Strickland of Timmonsville, S.C.; Griffin S. Thompson of Coward, S.C.; Brooklynn Glenna Williams of Hampton, S.C.; and Shaniyah Ronne Wrighton of Wadmalaw Island, S.C.