July 13, 2021

FMU School of Business offering a new certification course in business analytics

FMU School of Business offering a new certification course in business analytics

Francis Marion University will give aspiring executives a new way to climb up the corporate ladder this fall. 

FMU’s School of Business is launching a new certificate program in business analytics beginning in August. The program will provide an in-depth examination of the technical skills and knowledge necessary to advance a career in the field of business through data analysis.  

The program will feature four key areas in analytical study: descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and risk analytics. All sectors lead to a practical focus on the utilization and implementation of software to harness the power of large data sets.  

Analytics and data mining have become a burgeoning area of interest within the business world, and an ever-important factor in determining career progress.

Dr. Hari Rajagopalan, dean of the Francis Marion University School of Business and one of the program’s lecturers, says the course will offer attendees a unique and invaluable experience that will serve to buoy their career.

“Francis Marion University and its School of Business has long been an invaluable resource to the workers and workplaces of the Pee Dee region,” Rajagopalan says. “The Certificate in Business Analytics is just another avenue where we are helping our area. This program allows students to harness the power of tools such as Microsoft Excel for data analysis and to learn how to utilize data in business decisions, while also providing a pathway to FMU’s MBA program.”

The course will be provided in two modules throughout the fall and spring semesters, and attendance will be entirely online.  

Upon completion of the course in May, attendees will receive a completion certificate(s) and the option of using the Certificate program as credit towards the MBA program. Tuition is $2,050 for both portions of the program.

Students may take the first module of the course through the fall semester, and decide not to continue on to the second module in the spring semester. They will receive a modified Certificate with only Descriptive and Predictive Analytics. Students cannot register for the second module without either completing the first module or clearing a qualifying exam. 

Students must complete both modules and take a qualifying exam to receive MBA credit.

Enrollment for the Certificate in Executive Management class begins July 19 and will close on Aug. 19. For more information on the course, visit https://www.fmarion.edu/business/certificate-in-business-analytics/, or contact the FMU School of Business at 843.661.1419 or tracy.mcclam@fmarion.edu.