Helpful Registration Tips

Tips and Reminders:

Mathematics 105 and Mathematics 105E and 105L, while earning credit toward graduation, will not satisfy any of the six hours of Mathematics in the General Education Requirements.

Mathematics 170, 270, and 370 are designed for students seeking South Carolina Teacher Licensure in early childhood education or in elementary education or a B.G.S. in Educational Studies. It should be noted that a grade of C or higher in Mathematics 111 or a score of 540 or more on the Quantitative Section of the SAT is the prerequisite for Mathematics 170. MATH 170 and 270, can only be used to fulfill the General Education Requirements for Mathematics for the majors of early childhood education, elementary education, and B.G.S. educational studies.

Many areas of concentration require completion of Mathematics 132 or 134 as preparation for certain applied courses.

Students who complete General Education Requirements for a B.A. by taking Mathematics 111 and Logic should consider the restriction such selections place on future choices of a major.

Mathematics 134 is required for majors in business, nursing, middle level education, and medical technology and is recommended for majors in sociology, history, and psychology.

No student can later take for credit any mathematics course that was a prerequisite (or was in the prerequisite sequence) for a mathematics course for which he/she has already received credit UNLESS he/she is repeating that course in order to obtain a better grade or he/she obtains written permission from the department.

A student cannot receive credit for Mathematics 105, 105E/105L, 111, or 121 after receiving credit for any mathematics course numbered higher than 121. A student may repeat a course to raise a grade earned in that course.


During registration, beginning students at FMU are placed by members of the Department of Mathematics in their first mathematics course. Adjustments to the following placements may be made due to low scores on the Verbal Section of the SAT. Equivalent ACT scores are used for students who did not take the SAT. Other factors such AP courses may also influence course placement. Students who disagree with their placements in their initial mathematics course may see the department chair or his/her designee by the third day of the semester to schedule a Mathematics Placement Test. Refer to the FMU course catalog for more information.