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There’s no better place to experience campus life! FMU offers the students who wish to live on campus several options — from classic college dorms to modern apartment living.

We have options for first-year students and seasoned upper class students alike. Explore life on FMU’s campus and start your journey as an FMU Patriot today.

Meet Your RAs

There’s never been a more exciting time to live on campus! Our RAs are some of our top students on campus, demonstrating exceptional leadership and social skills. They are here to assist you in adjusting to residential life here at FMU. Read more about your RA below!

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Housing Options

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FMU offers the students who wish to live on campus several options designed to meet their needs as they successfully progress through their academic careers. Freshmen may choose to live in our residence halls where they will share a room with another student. These rooms are arranged in a suite arrangement with two rooms connected by a shared bath.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students may live in the residence halls or choose an apartment. The apartments offer a variety of choices – one, two or four bedroom units. In the apartments, students share living/dining areas, bath and kitchen facilities. Assignments to campus housing are made according to eligibility, application date, and availability.

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