Research Opportunities

Ripe for Research

Professionals, scholars, and students are invited to submit research proposals in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and behavioral sciences to the Baruch Institute for South Carolina Studies (BISCS).  Studies can include on-site work at Hobcaw Barony and off-site work.  Complete this form and send it to Dr. Rick Almeida or Dr. Madison Cates.  A committee will review each proposal and respond to applicants usually within two weeks.


To work off-site, scholars can access many items and request digital copies through Hobcaw Barony’s four distinct archives at  For a list of research projects to date, see

Student Involvement

The Baruch Institute of South Carolina Studies is a rich resource for those who seek original, hands-on, research experiences.  Since its creation in 2017, the Institute has funded projects that enable students to work alongside professors.  Together, they have taken part in archeological digs, archival conservation, textile reproductions, biographical research, and timeline development.  This video includes testimonials from several students who have conducted research through the Baruch Institute for South Carolina Studies.

Submit a Research Proposal

All proposals should be submitted by email to Dr. Richard A. Almeida at Francis Marion University ( or Dr. Madison Cates at Coastal Carolina University (

22 Hobcaw Road
Georgetown, SC 29440