Welcome to the School of Business at Francis Marion

The programs and activities offered at the School of Business at Francis Marion prepares our students for a life long professional career. Students are not only asked to complete the academic requirements for graduation but are also encouraged to participate in a number of professional activities such as Dress for Success, Career Connections, and other professional workshops. We are known for small class sizes, strong student faculty interaction and a focus on mentoring our students to build strong careers for them.
Our students not only have strong foundations in business principles but we also prepare students for a business career which involves life long learning by encouraging them to think critically, have high ethical standards, be prepared for a global economy and develop strong communications skills.
Please explore our website to learn more about our different programs and offerings at the School of Business and do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

Dr. Hari K Rajagopalan
Dean, School of Business
Eugene A. Fallon Jr. Professor of Production Management
Francis Marion University, 4822 East Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 29506
Email: hrajagopalan@fmarion.edu

Vision Statement

The School of Business at Francis Marion University strives to provide the highest quality baccalaureate and master’s degree business programs offered at a small, comprehensive university in the southeastern United States.

Mission Statement

Accredited at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, the School of Business at Francis Marion University has a mission of teaching, research and service. Nearly our entire faculty holds a doctorate in the area in which they teach. Our small classroom environment promotes interaction among students and faculty. We teach students to think logically, communicate effectively, be guided by high ethical standards and develop an understanding and appreciation of the global business environment. Our students develop conceptual and analytical skills needed to be successful leaders in both private and public institutions. Our internship program and placement efforts actively assist students in finding meaningful jobs. Our faculty conducts research and service activities that enhance the region’s economic and industrial development. Most of our undergraduate students major in management, marketing, accounting, finance, business economics, management information systems, or general business and earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Other School of Business students major in economics and receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Our graduate students receive a Master of Business Administration degree. The School of Business seeks students locally and globally of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and serves them in a friendly, considerate manner.


Within the mission, the School of Business recognizes three primary objectives:

  1. To provide, through a comprehensive program, broad educational experiences sufficient to prepare students for meaningful and responsive leadership roles in private and/or public institutions.
  2. To conduct research appropriate to support the teaching mission of the school and University.
  3. To sponsor and conduct service activities that enhance the community’s economic and industrial development.

The School of Business Office

The School of Business Office is always available to help solve problems or to answer questions concerning any aspect of the School of Business. Both our staff members are graduates of Francis Marion University and will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

Ms. Rebecca Mouzon
Administrative Associate
Phone: 843-661-1420
Fax: 843-661-1432
Email: rebecca.mouzon@fmarion.edu

Ms. Shari Tingle
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 843-661-1419
Fax: 843-661-1432
Email: shari.tingle@fmarion.edu