Add Items to the Glossary

To add terms to the Glossary, select Glossary from the Course Tools section of the Control Panel. Next, on the Action Bar in the Glossary page, select Create Term to build your glossary one term at a time, or mouse over Upload/Download and select Upload to upload a file of terms at once (please read the following paragraph to learn how to create a file to upload).

To create a file of Glossary Terms, first input your terms in an excel document with the first column holding the terms and the second column holding the definitions (be sure to save it as an excel [*.xls] file so that you can go back and modify it whenever you wish). Next, save the excel document again as either a tab-delimited (*.txt) or comma-separated value (*.csv) file. This should automatically switch your document to the format that it needs to be uploaded in (term and definition on one line separated by either a tab or a comma).

In the Upload Glossary page, first locate the tab-delimited or comma-separated value file that you have created. Next, decide whether you want to add these terms to an existing Glossary or to replace the existing Glossary with these terms. Last, select Submit to finish.