English 101 introduces students to critical reading and to composing processes, including invention and revision, through writing analyses and arguments for specific audiences and purposes. Through extensive writing assignments, practice, and peer activities, students will learn to read and write in various rhetorical contexts and will be introduced to documentation of sources.

Student Learning Outcomes:

In ENG 101, students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Understand the term rhetorical situation, analyzing audience and purpose in order to compose in multiple genres
  • Develop ideas and content appropriate to specific rhetorical situations, establishing control of thesis, paragraphs, and larger organization of the essay
  • Develop drafts and revise writing based on feedback from others, recognizing that writing involves collaboration with others
  • Write about and reflect on the strengths and weakness of their own reading and writing processes
  • Understand and employ research methods at an introductory level, documenting sources appropriately
  • Read and analyze arguments with an awareness of rhetorical situations, exploring persuasive strategies and possible consequences
  • Enhance language skills, establishing control of surface features such as syntax, grammar, and punctuation