English 101 introduces students to critical reading and the composition process, including invention and revision, through writing analyses and arguments for specific audiences and purposes. Through extensive writing assignments, practice, and peer activities, students will learn to read and write in various rhetorical contexts and will be introduced to documentation of sources.

Student Learning Outcomes:

In ENG 101, students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Understand the term rhetorical situation, analyzing audience and purpose in order to compose in multiple genres
  • Develop ideas and content appropriate to specific rhetorical situations, establishing control of thesis, paragraphs, and larger organization of the essay
  • Develop drafts and revise writing based on feedback from others, recognizing that writing involves collaboration with others
  • Write about and reflect on the strengths and weakness of their own reading and writing processes
  • Understand and employ research methods at an introductory level, documenting sources appropriately
  • Read and analyze arguments with an awareness of rhetorical situations, exploring persuasive strategies and possible consequences
  • Enhance language skills, establishing control of surface features such as syntax, grammar, and punctuation

Look for Available Themed or Honors Sections:

“American Sports: Intersections of Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Dis/Ability,” ENG 101-HonorsFall 2019, Dr. Banister

This course will examine American athletics and how gender, race, sexuality, and dis/ability is constructed, promoted, criticized, and marketed in the world of sports. Sports are a significant part of the American way of life and shapes society develops, receives, and performs these different identity positions. 

“Contemplative Practices,” ENG 101-Honors, Fall 2018, Dr. Spear

We will read, discuss, and write on topics related to mindfulness, from meditation to yoga, while simultaneously integrating these practices into methods of learning and teaching through what has been called “contemplative writing pedagogies.” We will work to enrich and deepen connections between our minds and bodies—all the while meeting the English 101 student learning objectives and linking contemplative practices with our writing practices.

Ecocomposition and Service Learning,” ENG 101-Honors, Fall 2017, Dr. Masters 

In this course, we will investigate the meanings of nature, environment, and place by reading and writing texts that focus on the natural world and human relationships to it. To fulfill the honors requirement for this course, students volunteer for 10+ hours over the semester in conservation and environmental stewardship organizations.