English 102 requires students to complete complex composition assignments involving rhetorical strategies, critical reading, and formal research. Students will practice performing multiple research methods, evaluating and documenting sources, synthesizing research, and developing original arguments. This course emphasizes analyzing genre to inform writing strategies and research methods, preparing students to transfer knowledge about genre and composition to other writing contexts.

Student Learning Outcomes:

In ENG 102, students will demonstrate the ability to

  • Read and analyze arguments with an awareness of rhetorical situations, exploring persuasive strategies and possible consequences
  • Understand primary and secondary research and use multiple methods to find and evaluate information from a variety of sources
  • Summarize and synthesize multiple sources, integrating others’ ideas into original arguments, documenting appropriately
  • Create reasoned and well-supported arguments for specific audiences and in specialized genres
  • Compare and contrast how different communities, including academic discourse communities, discuss and respond to a similar topic or issue
  • Develop and refine voice and style
  • Reflect on and articulate one’s own composition choices, conveying rhetorical awareness and ability to transfer skills