The Extended Writing Studio is a unique experience for all.


Students enrolled in ENG 101E will also enroll in ENG 101L, which is the linked Writing Studio component. As part of the Extended Writing Studio co-requisite, students meet twice a week with their instructors and composition class in the studio space, FH 114-A. The Extended Writing Studio is conveniently located in Founders Hall, home of the English Department. Equipped with desktops, printers, writing resources, and a conference-style table, the Extended Writing Studio provides ample opportunity for invention, revision, collaboration, and extensive one-on-one interaction as students work through their writing processes.

A valuable addition to the Studio is the undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) cohort. Studio sessions are staffed with one to three undergraduates, who are trained to provide assistance at various stages of writing. The UTAs are experienced writers and/or future teachers who are eager to help students develop useful strategies for improving their papers and writing processes in general. Having UTAs in addition to the ENG 101E instructor adds an element of peer-tutoring and increases the amount of individual attention for students. In addition, UTAs gain as much from their experiences in the Studio as our ENG 101E students.

Are you interested in becoming an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in the Extended Writing Studio?

Students who enjoy helping other writers and who have completed the composition sequence at FMU are encouraged to apply to work as Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs) in the Studio.  UTAs have a number of rewarding responsibilities and gain valuable tutoring experience — from assisting students with their content invention to collaborating with instructors on lessons. Address questions to our Composition Program Coordinators. Submit applications to Dr. Hilb.

Deadlines to Apply:

Fall Deadline to Work the Following Spring: November 12
Spring Deadline to Work the Following Fall: April 12