Summer 2017

In Summer 2017, we will be offering both lower division general education courses and upper division courses in literature and English studies and professional writing. Students may fulfill the General Education Literature requirement through the 200 level courses or through the courses offered to majors under the “Upper Division Literature Courses” heading.

Upper Division Literature and English Studies

Note: All upper division courses have a prerequisite of Eng 102 or Eng 200 with a grade of C or higher.

Eng 361: Shakespeare (Summer II). Block 5. Jacobs
Examines in detail selected histories, comedies, and tragedies. Requires outside reading and individual research to broaden the student’s comprehension and appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.

Professional Writing

Eng 305: Business Writing Online (Summer I). Masters
Introduces students to the written communications requirements of business and industry. Students write for specific audiences and learn organization, conciseness, and clarity in writing. The class simulates real-life business situations. To be eligible for English 498, majors and minors in Professional Writing must earn at least a B in this course.