Photo of Jessica Doucet

Dr. Jessica M. Doucet

Chair, Department of Sociology
Professor of Sociology
Coordinator of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Anthropology

Office: FH 239
Phone: 843-661-1802

Photo of Lisa Eargle

Dr. Lisa A. Eargle

Professor of Sociology
Board of Trustees Research Scholar

Office: FH 240
Phone: 843-661-1653

Photo of Russell Ward

Dr. Russell E. Ward

Professor of Sociology
Joan and Garry Gladstone Professor of Sociology

Office: FH 242
Phone: 843-661-4632

Photo of Jessica Burke

Dr. Jessica L. Burke

Associate Professor of Sociology

Office: FH 244
Phone: 843-661-1656

Dr. Todd Couch

Associate Professor of Sociology

Office: FH 238
Phone: 843-661-1917

Kiley Molinari

Dr. Kiley Molinari

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Office: FH 241
Phone: 843-661-1813

Administrative Staff

Ms. Velda Stone

Administrative Specialist

Office: FH 271
Phone: 843-661-1374