Mission Statement

The Healthcare Administration (HCA) major (Bachelor of Science) is offered in collaboration with Nursing, the Department of Political Science, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, and the School of Business. The Healthcare Administration major prepares graduates as leaders in healthcare organizations and endeavors to prepare graduates for career advancement, lifelong learning, and graduate education.

Program Description

The Healthcare Administration major emphasizes the development of knowledge and skill in healthcare management, leadership, education, research, and practice. The required courses, along with the required general education curriculum, will prepare graduates to advance in leadership roles within healthcare organizations or within their own specific allied health discipline. The program places high value on management, leadership, teaching, research, education, and advanced practice. The clinical capstone course is designed to apply upper-level skills by requiring students to develop a leadership project for implementation specific to the student’s healthcare interest or allied health discipline. The program emphasizes lifelong learning appropriate to the changing nature of the healthcare system and prepares graduates for a number of career paths, including but not limited to management, leadership, teaching, research, advanced practice, and graduate school.

The program is applicable to all undergraduate students interested in healthcare careers as well as allied health professionals who hold an Associate’s Degree (Respiratory Care, Radiologic Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, or a certified or licensed healthcare discipline deemed applicable by the School of Health Sciences).

The Healthcare Administration major has two courses that are cross-listed Nursing courses. Healthcare Administration majors, both General and Clinical, are not allowed to enroll in any other Nursing courses without admission to the Francis Marion University Nursing program. All Healthcare Administration majors are required to complete all FMU General Education Requirements.