The institution provides instruction for all course work required for at least one degree program at each level at which it awards degrees. If the institution does not provide instruction for all such course work and (1) makes arrangements for some instruction to be provided by other accredited institutions or entities through contracts or consortia or (2) uses some other alternative approach to meeting this requirement, the alternative approach must be approved by the Commission’s Board of Trustees. In both cases, the institution demonstrates that it controls all aspects of its educational program. (See Commission policy “Core Requirement 2.7.4: Documenting an Alternative Approach.”) (Course work for degrees)

Compliance Judgment

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Degree program requirements from Francis Marion University catalogs and redacted student transcripts from recent graduates show that Francis Marion provides all of the course work needed for at least one degree program at each level at which it awards degrees (baccalaureate and master’s). Two examples are explained below: a Bachelor of Arts (English) and a Master of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner).

Bachelor of Arts in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English degree program offers three options: Liberal Arts, Professional Writing, and Teacher Licensure. Every course required for the Liberal Arts option in English in the Catalog 2011-2012 [1] was taken by the sample student at Francis Marion as evidenced by the redacted transcript [2].

Table 1 below matches the degree program requirements for English Liberal Arts in the Catalog 2011-2012 with the sample student’s coursework. The Department of English, Modern Languages, & Philosophy allowed this student four course substitutions as seen in the second column of Table 1 because of changes to the English curriculum from the time the student entered Francis Marion in Fall 2011 and graduated in Fall 2016. The student had no transfer credits; all substituted courses were taken at Francis Marion.

English Liberal Arts Option, Catalog 2011-2012Redacted Undergraduate Transcript, Fall 2011 to Fall 2016
ENG 300 Foundations for Literary StudiesFall 2015
ENG 301 British Literature Before 1785Fall 2014
ENG 302 British Literature After 1785Fall 2016, substitute 308N Survey of American Literature
ENG 303 American Literature Before 1860Fall 2016, substitute 309 Survey of British Literature
ENG 304 American Literature After 1860Spring 2014
ENG 321 ShakespeareFall 2014, substitute 361 Shakespeare
ENG 465 Advanced Study in Critical Theory & Lit.Spring 2016
ENG 496 English Capstone ExperienceSpring 2016
ENG elective above 300Spring 2015, Spring 2016
ENG elective above 300, multi-culturalFall 2015, substitute 348 African American Literature
ENG elective above 400Fall 2015, 448 Advanced British Literature After 1785
ENG elective above 400Fall 2016, 421 Gender & Public Rhetoric

Table 1.  Bachelor of Arts in English Liberal Arts Requirements: Fall 2016

Table 2 below matches Francis Marion General Education requirements in the Catalog 2011-2012 [3] with the sample student’s coursework on the transcript. The student fulfilled all General Education requirements by taking Francis Marion courses.

General Education Requirements,
Catalog 2011-2012
Redacted Undergraduate Transcript, Fall 2011 to Fall 2016
Communications: 21 Hours
English Composition: 6 HoursENG 111 Fall 2011, 112 Fall 2012, 200 Spring 2013
Speech Communication 101: 3 HoursSPCO 101 Fall 2011
Foreign Language: 12 HoursSPAN 101 Fall 2014, SPAN 102 Spring 2015, SPAN 201 Summer I 2015, SPAN 202 Fall 2015
Social Sciences: 9 Hours
Political Science 101 or 103: 3 HoursPOL 101 Spring 2012
Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, or Sociology: 6 HoursGEOG 101 Fall 2012,
SOCI 306 Fall 2012
Humanities: 12 Hours
Literature: 3 HoursENG 250 Fall 2013
History: 3 HoursHIST 202 Spring 2013
Art 101, Music 101, or Theater 101: 3 HoursMU 101 Fall 2012
Anthropology, Art, Economics, Geography, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Theatre: 3 HoursART 101 Fall 2011
Mathematics: 6 Hours
Mathematics 111 and higher: 6 HoursMATH 111 Fall 2012,
MATH 134 Summer I 2015
Natural Sciences: 8 Hours
Biology: 4 HoursBIOL 103 Spring 2012
Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Science: 4CHEM 101 Fall 2013

Table 2.  Bachelor of Arts in English General Education Requirements: Fall 2016

Master of Science in Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)

The Graduate Nursing Program offers two options for master’s degrees: Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator. The Graduate Nursing Program teaches all of the courses required for the Master of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner, including 55 graduate credit hours and 630 practicum hours. Practicum hours are noted as “clinical” or “laboratory” hours with each appropriate course. APRN 701, Primary Care of Adults, notes 135 clinical hours, for example [4].

Every course required for the Family Nurse Practitioner major in the Catalog 2015-2016 [5] was taken by the sample graduate student at Francis Marion as evidenced by the redacted transcript [6].

Table 3 below matches the degree program requirements for the Master of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner in the Catalog 2015-2016 with the sample graduate student’s coursework.

Master of Science in Nursing / Family Nurse Practitioner, Catalog 2015-2016Redacted Graduate Transcript, Spring 2015 to Fall 2016
APRN 501 Advanced Practice RoleSpring 2015
APRN 502 BiostatisticsSpring 2015
APRN 503 Advance Research and Evidence-based PracticeSummer I 2015
APRN 504 Health Policy and LeadershipSpring 2015
APRN 505 Population Health and EpidemiologySpring 2016
APRN 506 Health Systems and Risk ManagementSummer II 2016
APRN 507 Patient Education and AdvocacyFall 2015
APRN 601 Advanced PathophysiologySpring 2015
APRN 602 Advance PharmacologyFall 2015
APRN 603 Advanced Physical Assessment and Health PromotionSummer II 2015
APRN 701 Primary Care of AdultsFall 2015
APRN 702 Primary Care of Infants, Children, and AdolescentsSpring 2016
APRN 703 Primary Care of WomenSpring 2016
APRN 704 Primary Care of Geriatric PatientsSummer I 2016
APRN 705 Internship IFall 2016
APRN 706 Internship IIFall 2016
APRN 707 Clinical Decision-making and EthicsSummer I 2016

Table 3.  Master of Science in Nursing / Family Nurse Practitioner Requirements: Fall 2016


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