The institution complies with the policies of the Commission on Colleges. (Policy compliance)

3.13.4a “Reaffirmation of Accreditation and Subsequent Reports”

Applicable Policy Statement. An institution includes a review of its distance learning programs in the Compliance Certification.

Documentation: In order to be in compliance with this policy, the institution must have incorporated an assessment of its compliance with standards that apply to its distance and correspondence education programs and courses.

Compliance Judgment

X     In compliance     Partially compliant     Non-compliant     Not applicable


In February 2015 Francis Marion hosted an on-site review committee for the initiation of an off-campus site with a hybrid-asynchronous learning format [1]. No recommendations were given for technology or distance learning issues. Francis Marion responded to the recommendations concerning Institutional Effectiveness, and no reports were required after December 2016.

Support functions/services for distance education are available to online students and commuter students who choose to use technical services such as Swamp Fox Web, internet, email, online chat, and phone. Residential students may also use these services. The BlackBoard Learning Management System is used extensively on campus.

The preceding services are described in the following sections of this compliance report:

  • Core Requirement 2.9 (Learning resources and services)
  • Core Requirement 2.10 (Student support services)
  • Comprehensive Standard 3.8.1 (Learning/information resources)

Techniques for ensuring the academic integrity of coursework and rights of students are addressed in the following sections of this compliance report:

  • Federal Regulation 4.8.1 (Distance and correspondence education: Verification)
  • Federal Regulation 4.8.2 (Distance and correspondence education: Privacy)

In accordance with SACSCOC requirements for reaccreditation, Francis Marion submitted the:

  • 2008 Compliance Report, 2008 Focused Report, Report to the Off-site Committee, Referral Report, and Monitoring Report
  • 2013 Fifth-Year Interim Report, and Referral Report
  • Substantive Change proposal for an off-site program, Referral Report, and Monitoring Report


  1. Letter to FMU from SACSCOC On-site Review Committee About Off-campus Site with Hybrid-Asynchronous Format