The institution provides a sufficient number of qualified staff—with appropriate education or experience in the student affairs area—to accomplish the mission of the institution. (Qualified staff)

Compliance Judgment

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Francis Marion University considers the student affairs area to be student programs and services that are “central to student learning and development” as indicated in the SACSCOC Resource Manual [1]. Multiple divisions on campus share oversight of student affairs. These areas support the educational mission of the University by facilitating out-of-the-classroom experiences and offering opportunities for students to engage in activities that promote personal growth [2].

The Division of Student Affairs supervises the following programs and activities:

  • Student conduct
  • University programming board
  • Leadership development
  • Multicultural affairs
  • International students
  • Freshman focus
  • Greek life
  • Student government
  • Student organizations
  • Nonacademic concerns and complaints
  • Mediation services.

The divisions of Student Affairs and Business Affairs share responsibility for Housing and Residential Life services. Several other areas on campus contribute to student learning and development:

  • The Development Division supervises student health services.
  • Business Affairs supervises financial assistance.
  • Administration supervises counseling and testing.
  • Athletics supervises campus recreation.
  • Academic Affairs oversees admissions, academic success and advisement, career development, tutoring, and writing support services.
  • A faculty member in the Department of Mass Communication supervises the student newspaper.

Division of Student Affairs Staff

The organizational chart for the Division of Student Affairs identifies five key professional and administrative staff positions [3]:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Associate Dean of Students
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Student Life Specialist and Student Ombudsman
  • Senior Administrative Assistant.

This number resembles the staffing level at peer institutions shown on websites for Lander University [4], Coastal Carolina University [5], and the University of South Carolina-Aiken [6].

All of the professional staff members in Student Affairs at Francis Marion University hold appropriate graduate degrees or possess an appropriate combination of education and experience in higher education or in their chosen fields.

Qualifications and responsibilities of staff members in the Division of Student Affairs are summarized below in Table 1. Actual resumes of all Francis Marion University staff who work in all areas of student affairs are available in the Office of Human Resources located in the Stokes Administration Building at Francis Marion.

Staff Members, Degrees, and Titles
Primary ResponsibilitiesAt FMU (Working in the Division of Student Affairs) Since
Teresa Johnson Ramey, M.S. (Instructional Development/Media Specialist), Jacksonville University. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.
Provides overall management and supervisory functions for the Division of Student Affairs
LaTasha Brand, M.Ed. (Higher Education Administration), Columbia College. Associate Dean of Students.
Coordinates student conduct cases, and advises the University Programming Board, Leadership Development, National Panhellenic Council Advisement, and Student Government Association
R. Daphne Carter-McCants, Ph.D. (Leadership for Higher Education Administration), Capella University. Assistant Dean of Students.

M.Ed. (Higher Education Administration), North Carolina State University
Coordinates Multicultural and International Affairs, the Freshman Focus Program, and advises the National Panhellenic Council, and Student Government Association
Michael Barfield, M.S. (Collegiate Athletic Administration, Coker College. Student Life Specialist/Ombudsman. Coordinates Student Organizations, reviews non-academic concerns and complaints, and provides mediation services
Benita Woodbury, B.S. (Business Education), Barber-Scotia College. Senior Administrative Assistant.
Maintains student conduct database, coordinates Student Handbook revisions and all other administrative processes for the division, and serves as a direct assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Table 1. Qualifications and Responsibilities of Staff in the Division of Student Affairs

Other Student Support Staff

Table 2 below summarizes the qualifications of student support staff from additional areas on campus.

Area of Student SupportResponsible Staff Members, Degrees, and TitlesAt FMU
(Working in Student Support Services) Since
Housing and Residence LifeCheryl Tuttle, M.Ed. (Instructional Accommodation), Francis Marion University.
Director of Housing and Residence Life.
Coordinates residence life functions of Housing operation and coordinates overall management of the Housing community.
David Wolfe, M.P.S. (Professional Studies), State University of New York-New Paltz. Assistant Director of Residence Life. Supervises 18 resident assistants and coordinates programs for residential students; assists director with budgets and planning.
Alexis Noble, B.S., (Sociology), Francis Marion University. Residence Life Coordinator. Supervises 18 resident assistants and coordinates programs for residential students.
Student HealthSharon Walters, M.S.N. (Family Nurse Practitioner), Medical University of South Carolina. Manager of Student Health Services. Responsible for day-to-day activities of the Student Health Center that include accessing, diagnosing, and treating male and female patients; provides health education as needed.
Financial AssistanceKimberly Ellisor, M.B.A. (General Business Administration), Webster University. Director of Financial Assistance. Coordinate and manage all financial aid programs, ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and institutional financial aid regulations, policies, and procedures.
Jane Snowden, B.B.A. (Economics and Marketing), Francis Marion University. Assistant Director of Financial Assistance. Ensures that financial aid counselors have up-to-date knowledge of federal, state, and institutional guidelines.
Counseling and TestingRebecca Lawson, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology), University of Wyoming, Director of Counseling and Testing. Oversees counseling services and test center operations, provides individual counseling to matriculated students, and coordinates classroom accommodations for students with disabilities.
Yulaundra Heyward, M.Ed. (Counseling), University of South Carolina. Assistant Director of Counseling and Testing Center. Provides counseling/therapy for students matriculating at Francis Marion University.
Campus RecreationDerrick Young, B.A. (History), Francis Marion University. Director of Recreation and Evening Programs. Provides programs to get students involved with recreational and athletic endeavors and educate them about the positive effects of regular exercise as well as an outlet to the stressors of college life.
Enrollment ManagementAlissa Warters, Ph.D. (Political Science), University of Tennessee. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management. Oversees functions in the Office of Admissions and Registrar’s Office, and the Office of Orientation.
Perry Wilson, M.Ed. (Social Science), Converse College. Director of Admissions. Oversees daily operation of the Office of Admissions including recruitment, admissions processing, residency and orientation.
Dollie Newhouse, M.A. (English), University of South Carolina. Registrar. Manages all functions and services of the Registrar’s Office.
Academic Success and AdvisementJennifer Kunka, Ph.D. (English), Purdue University. Associate Provost for Advising and Professor of English. Oversees all student support services provided by the Center for Academic Success & Advisement, which include advising, career development, tutoring, and writing.
Alexis Johnson, M.A. (Pan-African Studies), University of Louisville. Advising Co-director of the Center for Academic Success and Advisement. One of the primary advisors to 1st year and probationary students.
Devin Cribb, M.Ed. (Instructional Accommodation), Francis Marion University. Advising Co-director of the Center for Academic Success and Advisement. One of the primary advisors to 1st year and probationary students.
Ronald Miller, Ph.D. (English), University of South Carolina. Director of Career Development. Manages career preparation services and programs for students and alumni.
Julian Buck, Ph.D. (Mathematics), University of Oregon. Coordinator of the Tutoring Center and Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Oversees Tutoring Center operations, including the hiring and scheduling student tutors.
Meredith Reynolds, Ph.D. (English), Baylor University. Director of the Writing Center and Associate Professor of English. Oversees all Writing Center-related activities and events, including tutorials, educational outreach, and public relations.
Student NewspaperKay Packett, M.A. (Journalism), University of South Carolina. Faculty Advisor of Student Newspaper and Assistant Professor of Mass Communication. Appoints newspaper management team, provides guidance as needed, supervises budget and contracts, and coordinates involvement in South Carolina Press Association Collegiate Division activities.

Table 2. Qualifications and Responsibilities of Staff in Additional Student Support Offices

Professional Development and Training

Funding is designated each year for faculty and staff at Francis Marion to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities [7]. Table 3 provides examples from the staff in Student Affairs who have attended regional and national conferences, leadership programs, and diversity training.

ActivityParticipantRecent Year(s) of Participation
Diversity Focus Training
(Diversity and Inclusion Workshop)
Michael Barfield
R. Daphne Carter-McCants
Florence Chamber Building Bridges ProgramTeresa Ramey
R.Daphne Carter-McCants
FMU Community Toastmasters ClubTeresa Ramey
LaTasha Brand
FMU Leadership Fellows Graduate R. Daphne Carter-McCants
2015 (Inaugural class)
Higher Education Resources Services Leadership Institute
Teresa Ramey
Leadership Florence

LaTasha Brand
R. Daphne Carter-McCants
South Carolina College Personnel Association R. Daphne Carter-McCants
2008-2009; 2010 (Session presenter); 2012; 2015
South Carolina Senior Housing Officers Meeting and TrainingTeresa Ramey
Cheryl Tuttle
South Carolina Women of Higher Education ConferenceTeresa Ramey
2012 (Plenary speaker)
Southeastern Student Conduct InstituteLatasha Brand
R. Daphne Carter-McCants
Southern Association for College Student Affairs ConferenceLatasha Brand
Student Affairs “IdeaPop” Professional Development Conference LaTasha Brand
Student Affairs Leadership Council Summit
Teresa Ramey
Title IX Training InstituteTeresa Ramey

Table 3. Professional Development and Training


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