The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas within the institution’s governance structure: (Governing board control) institutional policy

Compliance Judgment

X     In compliance     Partially compliant     Non-compliant


Institutional Policy

The following duties which are assigned to the Board of Trustees by the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees relate to the institutional policies of the University:

  • To assure the effectiveness of University governance, policy formation, and decision making; to establish an appropriate delegation of authority and responsibilities within the University; and assure the effectiveness of communications, consultation, and cooperative decision making among the various sectors of the University community.
  • To review and approve policies and procedures bearing on faculty appointment, promotion, tenure, and non-renewal and to authorize the President to appoint members of the faculty; [reviewing and approving] general personnel policies, including protection for all employees against any form of discrimination or any violation of due process rights in employment.
  • To delegate the functions and responsibilities of the faculty and to provide for the effectiveness of the faculty in discharging those functions and responsibilities.
  • To protect the academic environment of the University from improper pressure or interference adversely affecting the functions of scholarship, teaching, and learning; to assure the academic freedom of faculty and students.
  • To assure appeal procedures in disputes or grievances involving faculty, administrative officers, staff, and/or students [1].

The institutional policies and procedures of the University are described in the following sources:

  • Faculty Handbook 2016 [2]
    • Selection of Chairs and Deans
    • Faculty Evaluation
    • Tenure and Promotion
    • Academic Freedom and Tenure and Grievances

Oversight of these policies is carried out by Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate as charged in the Bylaws of the Faculty Senate [3].

  • Office of Human Resources website listing of Personnel Policies [4]
    • These policies are reviewed and approved by the Human Resources Division of the South Carolina Department of Administration. Routine audits are conducted. During 2017, the Office of Human Resources was audited by the South Carolina Human Resources Division to determine whether all checked personnel files contained appropriate position descriptions. Francis Marion received an excellent rating [5-scroll down to bottom of p. 2].
  • Office of Business Affairs website of Accounting Policies [6]


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