The institution ensures the quality of educational programs and courses offered through consortial relationships or contractual agreements, ensures ongoing compliance with the Principles, and periodically evaluates the consortial relationships and/or agreement against the mission of the institution. (See Commission policy “Agreements Involving Joint and Dual Academic Awards: Policy and Procedures.”) (Consortial relationships/contractual agreements)

Compliance Judgment

X     In compliance     Partially compliant     Non-compliant


Francis Marion University participates in only one consortial relationship that awards a joint or dual degree. This dual-degree program is a cooperative program between Francis Marion and Clemson University that allows students to earn (1) either a B.S. or B.A. from Francis Marion, and (2) a B.S. in engineering from Clemson. Students in the dual-degree program “spend three years at Francis Marion University in a special pre-engineering curriculum and two years at Clemson University studying an engineering discipline” [1]. The consortial relationship between Francis Marion and Clemson began during the 1980-1981 academic year. Over the 37-year partnership, both Francis Marion and Clemson have updated curricula, and modified the Memorandum of Agreement at regular intervals. The last Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Francis Marion and Clemson was signed in 2012 [2]. The two Universities are currently updating the MOA as seen in the attached email exchange regarding the dual-degree program [3].


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