As institution that offers distance or correspondence education documents each of the following: (Distance and correspondence education)

4.8.1 demonstrates that the student who registers in a distance or correspondence education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives the credit by verifying the identity of a student who participates in class or coursework by using, at the option of the institution, methods such as (a) a secure login and pass code, (b) proctored examinations, or (c) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student information.

4.8.2 has a written procedure for protecting the privacy of students enrolled in distance and correspondence education courses or programs. 

4.8.3 has a written procedure distributed at the time of registration or enrollment that notifies students of any projected additional student charges associated with verification of student identify. 

Compliance Judgment

X      In compliance     Partially compliant     Non-compliant


Please see the individual narratives for 4.8.1, 4.8.2, and 4.8.3.